Personal Experience Essay

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PersonalExperience Essay

PersonalExperience Essay


Manychallenging circumstances have impacted my success in high schoolsuch as language. I came here five years ago without knowledge ofEnglish and enrolled in high school in ESOL. I had to face newthings. I had a problem in reading and understanding because Englishis not my language. However, I overcame this circumstance by usingthe dictionary and finding the words and writing them down in mylanguage and their meaning in English. Also, I was never shy to askmy teachers questions. My English was not good, but I still asked,and if somebody corrected me, I always appreciated them forcorrecting me.

Anotherstruggle I had was learning the concept in my science and historyclasses. I not only had to learn the concept but I also had tounderstand words I did not know and then learn the idea. I overcomethat by using the internet or dictionary. Another struggle I had wasto pass the WIDA test and get out from ESOL, especially the listeningpart because I did not grow up hearing people speak English.Therefore, I had a hard time understanding them, especially when theytalked fast. I overcame this fear by watching TV and listening musicin English.


Iwant to achieve some dreams when it comes to my future careeraspirations, as well as goals. My objective is to become successfulin a work environment where excellence and growth are valued. Overthe years, I have made some achievements and acquired some skillsthrough my education, which will enable me to pursue my future careeraspirations with a lot of determination. My career goal is to studyinformation technology and become an expert in this field. Morespecifically, I would wish to become a manager in charge ofinformation systems. As an IS manager, I will be responsible for thesecurity of data within the organization that will employ me. Inaddition, I will be tasked with meeting the strategic goals of theorganization related to communication. The IT personnel will be undermy supervision. I will ensure they execute their duties to meet theinformation needs of the organization. In the future, I see myselfworking in an organization where I will be responsible forcoordination and planning of activities related to computertechnology. I would wish to complete my major in a reputableuniversity, which will equip me with the necessary skills andknowledge in my field of study.