Persuasive Essay Legalization of Marijuana

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PersuasiveEssay: Legalization of Marijuana

PersuasiveEssay: Legalization of Marijuana

Thehealth industry evolves on a daily basis depending on technologicaland biological changes. The scientists exploit the trends to come upwith the best treatment options. Until recently, most institutionshad illegalized marijuana citing uncontrolled social and mental sideeffects. Recent studies indicate that physicians can control the sideeffects of marijuana making it a multipurpose medicinal product. Fromsocial and health perspective, legalization of cannabis is justifiedand necessary.

MitchEarleywine writes, “Marijuana has been in use since 2737 BC, mostlyused by Chinese emperors to treat an assortment of illnessesincluding malaria and poor memory”. The professor of psychologyproves that even before civilization, societies used marijuana formedical and recreational purposes.

Inthe USA, only 23 States allow the free use of marijuana for medicaluses. Caulkins, Kilmer, and Kleiman (2016) argue that the governmentchallenges self-realization by regulating the use recreational drugswith no third party crime. A report by Zimmerman (2015) shows thatalcohol leads to approximately 25-30% of drug-related violence whileonly 2.5% of marijuana users are pre-disposed to violence, heightenedemotions, or even psychotic disabilities. Yet, alcohol is legal.

Figure1.0: “Correlationbetween Marijuana Possession and Violent Crimes,”Adopted from Huffington Post

Thecorrelation indicates that as the possession of Marijuana risesviolent crimes tend to reduce. In most cases, psychologists relatedthe use of marijuana to the social environments that eventuallyaffect the psychotic side effects to the user. When used controllablyand under the right circumstances, marijuana makes a perfect medicaland recreational drug. It is for these social and health benefitsthat we should all rally behind the campaign to legalize marijuana.It is unconstitutional for the government to control the use of aproduct proven to have health and social benefits.


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