Persuasive essay on the movie A Midsummer Night`s Dream by Shakespeare

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Persuasiveessay on the movie A Midsummer Night`s Dream by Shakespeare

TheMovie “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare hasbeen receiving a lot of attention in the recent past. The movie ischaracterized by great humor and stunning picturesque which bringsout a spectacular visual setting. It is directed in a way that itappeals to both the people that like Shakespeare’s work and thosethat loathe it. The film makes Shakespearean language understandableto the audience minimizing any instances where they get lost in thecourse of watching it. The film lacks verbal vulgarity a feature thatis in most instances dominant in many of Shakespeare’s work of art.

Themovie has no violence, nudity is very little and not too explicitwhile sexual content is minimized to an acceptable level. This iscompared to the rate at which violence and sex scenes have saturatedthe movie theaters in the recent past, thus this makes, “AMidsummer Night’s Dream” quite refreshing. The comical storyabout love is brought to life by the rich language used byShakespeare in his work. The imagination in the film is ignited bythe colorful scenery and costumes on set. The aspiring actors led byBottom bring in some humor severally throughout the movie(`MidsummerNight`s Dream“ By William Shakespeare).The most outstanding part being when the performed a play at the endof the film to show some respect to the wedding of a nobleman. Hermiaand Lysander are characters in the film who are portrayed value true,and they execute their roles perfectly. A prolog is used to warm upthe audience, to avoid disappointing the women with the scene aboutdeath. These are some of the key reason the movie continues to be amust watch for young adults and teens.

Themovie has mythical fairies that help bring out the spiritual contextof this piece of artwork. The casting of love spells is well broughtin the film, where it is on the mortals as well as among othercharacters in this film(`MidsummerNight`s Dream“ By William Shakespeare).The costumes used, portray more of an Eastern culture but theirreligious customs like worshipping gods are not practiced in themovie. The film explores the various aspects of religion in anexemplary way. Earlier in the film, one of the characters clearlypaints the unfulfilling life live by nuns, where they are isolatedand are rarely happy throughout their life. The movie is, therefore,a great opportunity for one to deeply think about their spiritualityand how they live their religious life.

Thefilm version of this piece from William Shakespeare has become one ofhis most charming fantasy. The conversations, despite the witty andchallenging Shakespeare’s language, are made easily understandableby the excellent acting(`MidsummerNight`s Dream“ By William Shakespeare).Puck is able to delightfully, with his array of mischievous and funnyfacial expressions. The play within a play is well executed at theend of the film. The actors led by Kline with hilarious frowns,humorously make the movie fun to watch even for those who rarelyenjoy Shakespeare’s work. Despite the few sexual scenes andcontrolled nude scenes, the acting, scenery, and casting are welldirected, making the movie a joy to watch. I would highly recommendit to my peers and any other young adults, being very certain thatthey definitely enjoy their time watching this movie.


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