Physical Objects and emotions That Are Related Together

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PhysicalObjects and emotions That Are Related Together

Sofar, I have identified a close relationship between objects and myfeelings and emotions. In most instances, my body and mind have asignificant role in defining my feelings. Ideally, I use extrinsicrewards to create a link between the body and mind. Therefore, theanalysis of the relationship between physical objects and emotionswill help me identify a reliable means to appreciate other members ofthe society.

Loveinvolves the strong attraction and emotion towards an individual oran object. I also assume that love is a sign of affection,compassion, and kindness (Barrett307).Love presents various emotions such as compassion, tenderness,caring, attraction, and adoration. Therefore, psychologists have sofar identified various objects that can define individuals’ feelingtoward a close friend or family member. For instance, I express asense of happiness and affection for receiving rose flowers on theValentine day. The rose flowers make me shed tears as a sign ofappreciation for the presented object. Furthermore, there is a closerelationship between love and sweetness. For example, I link sugaryproducts such as gifts of sweets and chocolate with love andappreciation. Sweets and chocolate make me feel emotionally loved andappreciated. I can also affirm that being in love makes drink andfood tasteless. Therefore, sweet objects are relatively significantin shaping my emotion and love towards my partner.

Furthermore,I appreciate the close relationship between seriousness and heavyobjects. In most instances, I associate complicated jobs andactivities with challenging objects. For instance, heavy clipboardmakes me appreciate that candidates are more serious as compared toindividuals with light clipboards. Therefore, heavy clipboardsadvance my psychological readiness and willingness to participate inchallenging undertakings. Besides, I associate heavy learningmaterials such as books with important information and intensiveacademic research. As a result, in most instances, I present a hugecontent to demonstrate my intensive academic research. The hugecontent improves my confidence to present my research and academicwork. Therefore, I appreciate the psychological link betweenheaviness and the seriousness of an issue or an undertaking. Besides,there is a relationship between weight and powerlessness. Forinstance, I associate light cars with powerless and poor members ofthe society. As a result, I assume that individuals who have lightobjects have limited control of resources as compared to powerful andinfluential society.

Besides,I appreciate the close relationship between loneliness and coldobjects. As a result, I link isolation and loneliness with coldobjects and social interaction with warmth. For instance, warmbeverage makes me develop the perception that a stranger is warmerand relatively friendly. Warm beverage makes me identify the linkbetween warm reception and a sense of acceptance. I also link brightcolored objects with a sense of friendliness and warmth. As a result,most of my extrinsic rewards have bright colors. For instance, redcolored objects in celebrations and ceremonies are signs ofappreciation of outstanding employees in an organization.


Ialso hold the perception that certificates of appreciation from aleader or a business manager present the sense of appreciation forthe good and productive work. Therefore, the certificate compels meto work hard to acquire the recognition from my employer. Besides, Iappreciate a close relationship between trophies and outstandingperformance. For instance, I emotionally value trophies in footballgames as compared to other appreciations associated with winning afootball game. Therefore, I express personal feelings towardstrophies. Besides, the black and white colored objects advance myjudgmental levels (Lambieand Marcel 219).For instance, black and white rewards are indications that I have thehigh capacity to make strong and informed decisions and judgmentbased on the presented facts and data.

Therefore,the accessible data affirms that there is a notable relationshipbetween emotions and physical objects. Physical objects shape myinternal feelings and perceptions. As a result, I need to use theexisting relationship to recognize other people’s feelings andcontributions. The appreciation of the link between physical objectsand emotion also improve my relationships and interactions withcommunity members.


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