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Theneed theory of nursing emphasizes the importance of enhancedpatient’s independence in ensuring that the healing process goes oneven after hospitalization. This concept asserts that the primaryresponsibility of a nurse is to assist a patient move through thehealth recoveryprocess swiftly (Alligood, 2014).The principlesin the theory can help in the execution of nursing duties geared toensuring proper practice in the profession. The theory is consistentwith the objectives of the healthcare industry in regard to promotingtotal well-being.The modelwasdeveloped by Virginia Henderson to ensure that patients were able torecover promptly after being hospitalized. The focus of this approachis to satisfy individual needs as a measure of ensuringself-monitored care. In the model, Henderson suggeststhat nurses have an obligation of providing care to patients untiltheir health conditions improve to a level they can take care ofthemselves (Alligood,2014).The theory suggests that all the components of a healthcare systemshould be considered to ensure that nurses succeed in theirendeavors.

B.Contributions of Florence Nightingale and Margret Sanger

FlorenceNightingale and Margaret Sanger were two distinguished nurses whocontributed significantly to the growth of the profession.Nightingale England and was well known for training volunteers whoserved in the Crimean war(Alligood, 2014).She ensured that only clean equipment wasused to offer first aid to wounded soldiers with an aim of preventinginfections. However, her efforts were limited in scope and mostsoldiers were dying as a consequence of unhygienic healthcareservices. Sanger was known for