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Theconcept of plagiarism is primarily a common occurrence especiallywhen academicians pursue their education. is considered abold and severe academic offense because it goes against originality,which is a prerequisite in a scholar`s academic journey. Afterconsulting from different academic instructors in various schools, itcame out clearly that plagiarism is one of the catastrophic academicmatters that are discouraged in the school settings. People tend towonder how plagiarism can be detected in reality due to the sensethat ideas exhibit a universal nature among individuals in the world.During one of the interview sessions with professors in variousinstitutions, it came out that documented ideas from any person isregarded as intellectual property and thus subject to security andprotection of copyrights. Therefore, this paper highlights theresearch process I used when completing assignment 1 to ensure thatthe paper was original and free from plagiarism.


Whencompleting written assignment 1, I chose to conduct my research usingonline resources because I believed that was an ideal place I couldextract proficient data concerning the topic under investigation. Iparticularly consulted several sources before I could make a decisionon which ones had enough information that could help me in completingthe assignment. These sources included peer-reviewed articles orjournals, authentic websites, online books, as well as videos.

Therewere several search engines that I utilized when conducting myresearch. These search engines included Google search Engine, GoogleScholar, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and I particularly liked GoogleScholar not only because it was freely accessible but also had anumber of scholarly literature from different publishing formats anddisciplines. For example, I was able to get access to an array ofpeer-reviewed academic articles or journals, theses, anddissertations, books, as well as abstracts.

Similarly,I consulted several databases to ensure that I had sufficientinformation that could help me in writing a well-researchedassignment. These databases included Academic Journals database,Academic Publications eJournal, and Academic search. The databasethat I found to be particularly interesting was the Academic Journaldatabase in that it had a universal index of periodical literaturethat covered basic research drawn from different fields of knowledge.Also, it contained precise indexing, complete bibliographiccitations, as well as informative abstracts from an array ofperiodicals.

However,there were a number of sources that I rejected while conducting myresearch. For example, I found online books to be particularlylengthy, and the type of information they had with regard to onlinelearning was quite scarce. Also, the majority of the videos that Itried to use did not specifically talk about the topic at hand, andtherefore I could not use them. Therefore, I narrowed my research topeer-reviewed articles and journals because this was where I foundsufficient information for my research.


Insummation, academicians should note that plagiarism has afar-reaching impact on the school progress of a learner. In mosttimes, instructors and professors have low forbearances onplagiarisms hence scholars should try their level best in conductingthorough research to avoid the penalties that may accompanyplagiarism. As such, learners and other scholars should center theirprincipal focus on the appropriate ways to sidestep plagiarism toachieve a high level of originality. From the engines sources,paraphrasing was identified as the only way to evade the offense.Here, a person identifies the ideal data from the reliable source,read and comprehend the content then finally present the contentaccording to one-self-understanding without necessarily incorporatingwords similar words as used by the author.