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Planningis needed in an organization because it helps managers to prepare aseries of action steps necessary to achieve its goals. It plays arole in managing a diverse workforce reducing the effort and timetaken to achieve the goals.

WhatDiversity Plan Includes

Diversityplans include evidence of incorporating diversity into overallplanning and operations and explicit stress on diversity, clearobjectives, results, intelligent metrics, information to supportevidence-based planning, accountability plan, implementationstrategy, and timelines (PennState Educational Equity, 2017).

Componentsof a Diversity Plan

Typicalcomponents of a diversity plan include current climate, timeline,advisors, training, external assessment, investment, communication,people, accountability, and metrics.

Benefitof a Diversity Plan

Themain advantage of a diversity plan is that it addresses diversitysystemically and structurally.


Inorder to improve a diversity plan and increase its effectiveness, itshould be aligned with the overall strategic plan.

Comparisonof PepsiCo’s and Google’s Diversity Plan with Ten Components of aDiversity Plan

Acomparison of PepsiCo’s diversity plans and ten common elements ofa diversity plan shows that the plan has these components. Thecompany’s management always makes sure that its diversity planincludes a baseline use for assessing existing climate, timelines,internal and external advisors, initial and ongoing trainingprograms, and external assessments. The plan also includes resourcesnecessary to support proposed initiatives and programs expansion, howcommunication takes place across all sections, means of addressingdiversity, the parties responsible, and intelligent metrics tomeasure if diversity plan is working [CITATION LAT17 l 1033 ].

Comparisonof Google’s Diversity Plan with Ten Components of a Diversity Plan

Acomparison of Google’s diversity plan and ten common elements of adiversity plan reveals that the company’s plan has these elements.The components of Google’s diversity plan include a standard usedto evaluate existing conditions, timelines, and advisors inside andoutside the company, earlier and current training programs, and toolsfor external evaluations. It also includes requirements to supportrecommended programs, means of addressing diversity, responsiblegroups, and metrics of measuring the workability of the plan [ CITATION Kel15 l 1033 ].


Indeed,planning is necessaryfor any organization because it helps the management to think aboutand organize the activities necessary to accomplish its goals.


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