Planning and Initiation Change

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Planningand Initiation Change


Planningand Initiation Change


Planningand initiating change within an organization is an importantresponsibility of the leader. What is the most significantconsideration that must be made when selecting a change model withinyour specific ministry context? Why?

Themost important aspect to consider when initiating change in anorganization is the size of the ministry. It gives a clear overviewof the type of change model to be applied as well as the approach totake when initiating change. Consequently, organizations cannot avoidchanges irrespective of its size or organizational culture, hence theneed to adopt change management approaches (Dhingra &amp Punia2016). Change models should also be selected based on the ministry’svision, focus, strategy and goals. No matter the change modelselected by any organization, it is important to make sure that thechange is simple to implement.

Thewhole essence of assessing the size of the ministry before decidingon the change model is to provide the leader with an opportunity tooffer a comprehensive communication or awareness to all the membersin the organization. For instance, in a small organization, simpleand less structured means of communication can be used to adequatelycommunicate the need for the change (Cruz, 2016). On the other hand,one needs a well-developed communication network to communicate thesame detailed information in a hefty organization. Resistance tochange is more likely to be extreme in a large organization than in asmall organization.


Themethod used to implement change in a Christian ministry setting canoften be as controversial as the change itself. What is the mostsignificant consideration that must be made when applying a selectedchange model within your specific ministry context? Why?

Themost important consideration to make when initiating change in aministry context is the core of the faith. Does the change limitother believers from practicing their faith? Does the changeestablish a conflict with the main idea of the ministry’s faith?What defines the ministry? Does that change align with the goals,objectives, and code of conduct of the ministry? Religious mattersare very critical and should always be handled with great care.

Itis merely impossible to establish changes in a ministry that limitthe practicing of the faith. The most important aspect is the faithand it should always be taken into consideration by whatever changemodel selected. The rationale to this perspective is to protect thefaith and ensure limited or entirely no resistance from believers andother members of the organization (Cruz, 2016). To sum it up, it isessential to note that, there is a need for the Christian ministry toredefine the functions of the ministry that are in line with thefaith of the church. The role of the ministry should be changed in away that it will embrace a modern generation of believers hailingfrom all walks of life and different professions.

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