Point of View Essay

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Pointof View Essay


Pointof View Essay

Asa multi-generational American citizen, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, Ido not support the internment of my Japanese neighbors. There can beno reason that would legitimize the capture, detainment, andconstraint of a people’s migration (Reeves, 2016). In the eventthat we are to utilize war as motivation to mistreat and botherpeople or a race we would be no superior to the tyrants recorded inthe world’s history – such as Hitler in World War II who executeda large number of Jews. The forces responsible for settling on thechoice to detain American individuals exclusively on the grounds thatthey had Japanese ancestry is shocking and criminal.

InternmentCamps confined such a large number of rights to Japanese Americansand in most cases, they were just stopgap garrison huts with familiesand youngsters cramped together behind spiked wires. America may haveimagined that the Japanese were spies yet even after faithfulnesstests, there were no verified cases of spies in their midst neitherwere any records of secret activities discovered (Robson, 2013). TheJapanese were removed from the normal lives with no thinking by anystretch of the imagination, simply because Americans were frightenedof the capability of another Pearl Harbor. Freedoms and rights weredenied and derailed – freedom from irrational ventures andseizures, right to an arraignment in a court of law, right to life,and right to own property. In case no options were available, moreresearch and situational evaluation should have been performedirrespective of the heinous nature of such a decision. I choose tobelieve that there were other strategies that could have beenemployed that do not involve the disrespect of human dignity even insuch a delicate situation.


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