Police Operations

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Mr.Richard Haste, a police officer in New York Police Department, killedan unarmed teenager, Mr. Ramarley Graham on February 2, 2012, afterthe officer barged into the deceased’s apartment for suspecting himto be engaging in a drug deal (Haag &amp Southall). The familyinstituted criminal charges against the officer over the killing ofthe deceased, accusing the police of racial profiling. In hisdefense, Mr. Haste, however, testified that radio transmission ledhim to believe that Mr. Graham was armed and that the deceasedignored several orders to show his hands. A bag of marijuana wasreportedly found in Mr. Graham`s toilet (Haag &amp Southall).However, the criminal case of manslaughter collapsed in August 2013when the judge dismissed it on the grounds of technicality. This caseis one that touches on police responsibilities and duties in thefield although the fundamental foundation of any operation wasignored.

Communicationforms the basis of any police operation. Without it, operations mayturn fatal and regretful in future. The family of Graham successfullysued the City State in February 2013 for emotional damage and unfairtreatment by the police. Consequently, the family received $3.9million compensation from the State in January 2015 (Haag &ampSouthall). The office of the attorney, however, undertook toinvestigate whether Mr. Graham`s civil rights were violated, and iffound guilty, would face disciplinary by the Police Department.

Ina departmental hearing in January 2017, Mr. Richard Haste was foundguilty of poor tactical judgment, hence, recommending for hisdismissal. According to the prosecutors, Mr. Haste made a blunderwhen he followed the deceased into his apartment, noting that theofficer should have retreated. Mr. Haste resigned from the PoliceDepartment on Sunday, March 26, 2017. The case led to a review of thestreet narcotics enforcement units in the department, whose officershandle low-level drug dealing cases. It is important for lawenforcement units to remain responsible in the field. They shouldalso learn how to communicate effectively with the diverse public.These measures will avoid misapprehensions and the eventual taintingof the enforcement department’s name.


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