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Healthissues have been given priorities in different countries emanatingfrom their significance in society. Different policies have becomeenacted in order to resolve health issues that emerge. However, somehealth policies that have been passed by authorities attract ethicalissues (Warraich,2017). The purpose of this report is to analyze California’sEnd of Life Option Act.


TheCalifornia’s End of Life Option Act came into effect in 2016. Thelaw permits terminally ill patients to request assistance in dying ingiven clearly defined situations. Under this law, aid-in-dyingmedication is prescribed for the purpose of terminating life. Thepatient requesting for aid in dying must be diagnosed with a terminaldisease that should lead to death within a period of six months(Warraich,2017).The period that the law requires for a patient to apply for thetermination of life is large. This should be amended to make theperiod shorter.



Theethical reason that led to the development of this health policy isthat individuals, who are diagnosed with a terminal disease, gothrough a lot of pain but eventually die. In order to eliminate thesuffering, it was necessary to develop the policy.


Thesocial reason for the introduction of this law was to allow people todie dignified deaths in society. When people are diagnosed with adisease that will eventually lead them to the grave, individualsaround them also suffer. In order to eliminate this suffering, thislaw became introduced.


Theeconomic reason that resulted in the development of this healthpolicy was that once patients were diagnosed with terminalillnesses, they made their families to suffer monetary losses as theypaid for the treatments, but the patients eventually died. Thus, toprevent wastage of resources, this law became developed.


Thepolitical reason behind passing of this policy was that manypolitical representatives desired to have the public not to encountersuffering due to terminal illnesses thus, the need for thedevelopment of this policy.


Oneof the proposed alternatives for this health policy is that it shouldbe scrapped entirely. Eliminating the entire law will have theadvantage of having people die on their last day without inducingdeath. However, the disadvantage is that people discovered to haveterminal illnesses will suffer for a long period before they die.Besides, the economic costs of treating the terminal illnesses willhave to be borne by the families of the patients. Another alternativeis to reduce the time that is required for a patient to apply for thetermination of life. This option will have the advantage of allowingpatients suffering from terminal illnesses to spend more time withtheir families before they die. The disadvantage is that patientswill suffer from pain before they die.


Thebest alternative will be to shorten the period required for a patientto apply for assisted termination of life. This is the best optionsince it will help patients to spend better part of their lives withtheir loved ones since life is precious.

Inconclusion, health policies are vital in resolving the problems thatpeople encounter. The health policies that become developed aresupposed to focus on the ethical concerns or the individuals who willbe impacted by the policy.


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