Political Science Essay

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PoliticalScience Essay

Aristotlerefers to a towering figure that existed in the ancient Greekphilosophy world by making lots of contribution to a number ofdifferent aspects of lives such as medicine, dance, biology, ethics,and politics. His educative statements run down every generationsince the discoveries have a lot of knowledge portrayed. They areoften used as a means of education to some individuals and thereforeshaping their moral upbringing. In the world of politics, Aristotleinsists that man is either a political animal in the natural state oran outcast like the bird that flies alone. The Aristotelianstatement comes from man’s behavior since he believes that man isnaturally sociable and have drawn to the various politicalassociation.

Thestatement, man is not a creation of nature but is by nature apolitical animal comes from the fact that he is naturally sociable.That originates from the fact that man is the only animal endowedwith the gift of speech which helps in the expression of pain andpleasure as well as other forms of communication. These individualshave the ability to judge what is good or evil correctly, just orunjust as well as a wrong and proper way of socializing with otherfellow human beings. All these can be seen currently through how muchpeople can establish connections through the power of speech,therefore, aiding with doing away with geographical boundaries.Considering these factors, it is evident how Aristotle brings aboutthe nature of man as a political animal.

Thefact that man has the right moral reasoning and coming up with thebest solution is the other issue that makes him a political animal.Man is seen to be always associated with practices that are perceivedto satisfy their social needs. Since politics is based on violence aswell as other different threats of violence the phrase is well suitedto show the animal part not often seen in human nature rather thanits cooperative and rational side. The activities that peopleassociate themselves with come out as a clear explanation of theanimal nature of moral reasoning and decision making ignorance ofpolitical atrocities an animal act. The other group who prove humanbeings as political animals are the bunch that turns their back onpolitical crimes other than reporting to the law. According toAristotle, they are considered animals in the same ways as the oneswho participate in it since they have made a moral decision that putsthem in a place that they turn their backs to the society.

Inconclusion, Aristotle has it well explained why human beings arelooked at as political animals. He points out the main issues ofsaying this as their ability to make decisions coming from theirmoral reasoning. The choices that come with moral reasoning anddecision making can be explained in the political movement and howhumans play different roles in these process. The nature of humanbeings as social creatures is also the other reason as to why theyare considered as political animals. These come from the ability ofpeople to do away with geographical boundaries and use speech tocreate a mutual understanding between members of different races.These factors also make the human nature a superior species,therefore, giving it a political animal character.