Port Orange, FL Walmart Store

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Port Orange,FL Walmart Store

March 26, 2017


Section 1: Demographics and Organization Description

Description of the Organization

The Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. basically known as Walmart is an American retailing corporation involved in discount department stores, and grocery stores. It also operates as a chain of hypermarkets. The commonly addressed as Walmart Supercenter which is located in Port Orange Florida is mainly made up of grocery store and a few departmental stores such as the one that deal in pharmacy. The departmental names are brief description of what is offered at the Stores. The organization has an e-commerce platform where is conducts online transactions across different parts of the world so as to achieve its goal of enabling best shopping experience on the internet. Therefore, you can think of the as a neighborhood Walmart Store. The history and mission of the Walmart Supercenter based on their official website can be captured as follows, &quotThe secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise the lowest possible prices guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy friendly, knowledgeable service convenient hours free parking a pleasant shopping experience.&quot (Walmart, n.d)

Description of the Demographics of Client’s Employee Population

Client’s employee population at Walmart ranges from 250 to 499 employees with an annual revenue of $100 to 500 million. This includes both over the counter employees as well as those available online and distributed across the various departments. Based on the employment report of 2016, it is clear that the company recruits employees from within the Port Orange or Florida area at large with an aim of promoting the neighborhood not just by offering products but also by providing employment opportunities. Generally, the target population for this particular supercenter is from Florida. The business has no gender restrictions, so anyone can apply for a job at the supercenter and become an employee of the Walmart Corporation at Pot Orange. However, all employees in various departments of the branch pose specific skills in their areas of concern. For instance, those dealing with the pharmacy department are certified in the pharmaceutical domain. This implies that as the client employees in the FL Walmart have specific qualifications for their jobs. Thus, most of the employees are middle aged since they must have attained a college or any institution of higher learning to be deemed qualified.

Description of Client’s Industry

Products sold in the Walmart Supercenter mainly conform to the demands of the local community. The company chose to deal in groceries and a bit of pharmaceutical mainly because it realized high potential of the product consumption in the Port Orange region. Further after setting up the Supercenter, an expansion on the grocery product was done in the 2014/2015 economic year since there was high demand for groceries by clients in the region. The clients in the region just like the employees are involved in both online transactions as well as those offered over the counter. There is no restriction on the age or gender of clients who wish to be served by the Supercenter provided what they need is what they are capable of acquiring. Since, The is not yet fully established as it is still spanning consumer interest across its market region, the clients of the Supercenter can still be viewed as explorers unlike the clients of established regional corporations. This may only be true in the case of over-the-counter clients and not online clients since the online platform of the corporation is much larger than the Walmart Supercenter on Port Orange. However, this does not mean that the Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is not yet established as the main focus of this project lies in Port Orange region.

Section 2: Purpose/Rationale of the Project

The purposed of this project can be attributed to factors surrounding a successful business with prime focus on security. Thus, the underlying question is whether it was a prudent idea establishing the Walmart Supercenter in Port Orange, Florida. This will be determined later in the study through risk assessment and GIS Information and Map concerning Flooding and Hurricane Impacts. It is often imperative to prepare a risk management plan to help in determining the risks involved in setting up any business investment (Queensland Government, 2016). At the end of this study therefore, one should be able to tell whether the security of the Walmart Supercenter is an issue or not. The security issues than need to be taken into consideration include those of the surrounding within the Port Orange neighborhood, homeland security to be more succinct, and online security. However, the fact that the Supercenter store operates 24 hours imply that the security within the area is good and if that is not the case then the Walmart Corporation must have invested heavily to keep the Supercenter secure and conducing for business transactions.

The success of the Walmart Supercenter can be questioned based on Homeland Security issue. Homeland Security can be viewed as a legislation to protect America at large. Homeland security issue is of great concern is a concert of the federal government. According to Raman (2013) all individuals are entitled to play part in securing their environment and this amounts to individuals collectively securing their country by providing relevant information to the authorities involves. Thus security is everyone’s concern (Raman, 2013). The Homeland Security in the United States works under an act that obliges it to certain responsibilities which include prevention of terrorist attacks, reduction of vulnerabilities to terrorism, minimize damage, and help in recovering from any attacks that occur due to terrorism. Some of the top issues that must be addressed by the department of Homeland Security today include congressional oversight, border security, aviation security, immigration enforcement, coast guard revitalization, ending pork-barrel security-related grants, combating violent extremism, lack of research and development, cyber security, and departmental image (Bucci, 2013). Out of these issues one can be able to point out some of the issues that are likely to affect the success of FL Walmart Store.

Through risk assessment and examining of the geographical location of Port Orange, it will be much easier to relate the success of the business so far with the homeland security division in the state of Florida. The main reason as to why this study purposes to assess security risk factors are because it helps in discovering, correcting, and preventing security threats (Mass, 2017). Therefore the risk assessment to be conducted in the next section of this project sill reveal some of the underlying risk factors that may hinder the success of the . The significance of this study can thus be attributed to the fact that it can be used by the company to determine if there is room for expansion or not and whether the investment in Port Orange will be a long lasting one.

Section 3: Risk Assessment

There are various organizational and managerial risk factors that may enhance or inhibit the success of an intervention. The Port Orange, FL Walmart Store is situated in an environment prone to numerous risks including those that are natural, manmade and technological hazards. The natural risk factors include hurricanes, and floods while manmade risks include those of fires, terrorism and other crimes. On the other hand, technological hazards are primarily associated with other operational risks such as technical failures like server outages, and power cuts. With 84 hurricanes recorded since 1930 and the most recent in 2012 (Debby), the store’s location, Port Orange, is a high risk hurricane zone (Hurricane information for Port Orange, n.d). Located in Dunlawton Ave, Walmart Supercenter stands in the City of Port Orange’s flood zone and as such, it as risk of flooding which often results from hurricanes experienced in the coastal region.

Regarding crime and terrorism, Walmart Supercenter may be affected by criminal operations such as property crime in the city. According to statistics against the national median crime comparison of Port Orange and the larger Florida, Port Orange scores 20.18 against Florida’s 28.13 (Port Orange, FL Crime Rates, n.d). On an individual level, the chances of one becoming a victim of a property crime in Port Orange is 1 in 50 while in the larger Florida is 1 in 36. Walmart Supercenter may be a victim of burglary, and located in a location with 151 reported cases of burglary and another 1,012 cases of theft, the store has substantial risk of property crimes. Further, the store is at risk of being a victim of technological hazards (Port Orange, FL Crime Rates, n.d). As an active user of technological components such as computers, electricity, and an online presence, Walmart Supercenter is prone to hacking activities, problems with website hosting, power outages and failure, which may lead to other risks including fires and operational problems.

Walmart Supercenter’s risk assessment model

The store identifies with processes, procedures and administration structures that are engaged in assessing the identified risks. The stakeholders engage processes to isolate each risk and associated consequences including those in public health and safety, economic, social and environmental consequences of the risks, and the aspects of dread and uncertainty with which the risks identify. Stakeholders seek to determine the cause of the event (natural or manmade), the time between exposure and consequence, ability of individuals to control their exposure, and the combined uncertainty of consequences, economic, environmental and health and their extent. Having identified these factors, the stakeholders then seek to administrate the risk by setting up an action plan to be used in the event of a disaster.

Homeland security issues

Homeland security is responsible for protecting the citizens of the United States and their communities from the effects of negative consequences of countless types of malicious attacks, disasters and accidents motivated by crime and terrorism. Specific homeland security issues in the case of Walmart Supercenter include natural disasters like floods and hurricanes, as well as terrorist activities and crime including cyber-attacks. Homeland works hand in hand with affected entities to mitigate risks and attend to risk events in order to reduce the extent of possible consequences. In this case, Homeland would work alongside Walmart Supercenter as an organization to address the risk factors in an effort to protect the community of the city of Port Orange and ensure the safety of residents.

Section 4: GIS Information and Map concerning Flooding and Hurricane Impacts

According to the City of Port Orange Flood Zone Map, there are four flood zones in the City of Port Orange. Each of these zones are affected differently by floods that affect the coastal region. These zones are Zone A, Zone AE, Zone AH, and Zone X. Zone A on the map represents the actual area on the ground where there are no base flood elevations determined. Zone AH, on the other hand, represents the area in the city of Port Orange where base flood elevations have already been determined. The third flood zone, Zone AH represents the area in the city of Port Orange where flood elevations have been determined and identify with flood depths of about 1 to 3 feet. The last zone, Zone X, are the areas in the city that are determined to be outside the 500-year floodplain (Floods, n.d). Walmart Supercenter falls in the last flood zone, Zone X. Floodplains are essentially designated by the frequency with which the flood is experienced in an area that is large enough to cover it (Seenath, Wilson, &amp Miller, 2016). For instance, a 10-year floodplain is covered by a 10-year flood. This means that the area outside the 500-year floodplain will be covered by a flood exceeding a 500-year flood (Floods, n.d). Flood frequencies such as the 500-year flood are chiefly determined by situating or plotting a graph of the extent of all known floods in size of an area and ascertaining the how frequent floods of a given size occur in the given area (Seenath, Wilson, &amp Miller, 2016). This is given as the percentage of the overall probability of experiencing an instance of flooding per year. For instance, the 500-year flood has a 5% of being experienced in the 500-year floodplain in any given year. This means that the areas of the city of Port Orange that fall in the zone outside the 500-year floodplain have more than 5% of experiencing floods. Dunlawton Avenue, where Walmart Supercenter is located, stands in the center of this flood zone and as such, is more likely to be affected by floods and hurricanes occurring in the City of Port Orange.

Floods and hurricane stand among the natural disaster risks with which Walmart Supercenter identifies. The impact of hurricanes and floods that follow include loss and destruction of property, power outages and cuts as well as failures. Other areas that fall within the flood zone include Terrage Village, Twin Gates, Bennets Hammock, Southern Oaks, and most of the areas within the city boundary (Seenath, Wilson, &amp Miller, 2016). Hurricanes occurring in the area not only affect the Walmart store that is the focus of this paper, but also the surrounding areas including the public amenities located in the flood zones. It is in the best interest of people with property within these areas to have flood insurance. This includes Walmart Supercenter and other entities in the flood zones.


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