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is a term that manypeople would not wish to associate with in the current world. Thechanging time brings along with it new problems that mankind has tostruggle to overcome. No one wants to be poor when such problems showup. Everyone wants to have a good life, and live the American Dream.This material takes a look at poverty, what it means, and possiblesolutions to overcoming it.

When one is poor, it meansthat he or she is unable to afford some of the necessary things inlife such as good medication, good food, good clothing, propershelter and getting decent education. This is a common factor thataffects all manner of people and races across the globe.hasits own class of people and own kind of features that it isassociated with. A considerable amount of research has been carriedout in a bid to try and find out some of the reasons that lead topoverty. Some of the factors that have been unearthed were such likelack of good education that can instill the skills that enable aperson be able to provide for themselves in life, lack of jobopportunities, difference in social classes, ignorance and even racein some cases.

The United States housesdifferent classes of people who are separated by their financialstatus. These classes are the poor, the middle class and the rich.However little this topic is spoken of, it remains a fact that cannotbe ignored. In his book, Class in America, Mantsios tries to bring tolight the different social classes that exist in America and how theyoperate. He explains how children from rich families can maintaintheir status due to the opportunities that are granted to them asthey grow up. He also explains how poverty continues to affect, andfollow children from poor families due to their lack ofopportunities. Mantsios bases some of his ideas from research workdone by researchers such as Richard De Lone whose findings showed howclass affected education outcomes. According to Richard De Lone,children from high social class families got high grades in theirexams as compared to the lower social class families. Children fromrich families attend the best schools and get the best education thatcan enable them to get well-paying jobs, hence evading poverty.Mantsios also tries to explain the relationship between social classand health. He tells of how low – class lifestyle is related tohealth issues such as high infant mortality rate, heart diseases, andmental illness. In her book, Unequal Childhoods, sociologist AnnetteLareau tries to show us the different lifestyles of children from thepoor, middle class and working class families. She gives differentexamples of how parents from these different families engage withtheir children and how it can affect their future lives. The middle -class families seem to be far more involving with their children asthey are keen on monitoring their children’s activities. Parentsfrom the poor and working class families are less involved in theirchildren’s lives as they are more focused on making a living fortheir families to survive. Such children from poor families are morelikely to end up failing in life.

From these two books, UnequalChildhoods and Class in America, we can understand some few reasonsthat fuel poverty. Factors such as unequal opportunities, differencesocial status and ignorance seem to be the key causes of poverty.With these findings, the best probable solution to poverty would beto work on these differences. The government could try to come upwith ways of reducing the gap between the social classes byincreasing and providing equal job opportunities. It should alsoprovide equal education opportunities to everyone despite thedifference in the social backgrounds. Parents should also seek toinstill quality skills in their children that can help them in theirfuture lives.

Knowing one’s financialspending is also an important way of evading poverty. People have atendency to spend more than they earn even when it is not necessary.Such situations often put one in debt that can end up ruining theirlives and invite poverty. Budgeting for one’s expenditure is,therefore, an essential tool in any responsible person’s life.Managing a household, especially one with children, can be difficultwhen one is unable to keep track of how the money they earn is spent.A household comes with responsibilities such as paying electricbills, water bills, rent, medication, food, and buying clothing.Budgeting helps one keep track of one’s hard earned money as theycan know what is required in the household and what is not. It alsogives them the ability to save some of that money for other importantuses or investments in the future.

Reflecting on Mantsios’work, I feel that it is unfair for a person’s ability to be limitedby reasons that can easily be avoided if given an equal advantage. Ifind it disappointing that the government can sit back and let somepeople’s lives be determined by the difference in their socialbackground. I also think that people should be able to work hard anddetermine their own fate. There have been stories of people whofought their way out of poverty to achieve the American Dream. Theydid not let their circumstances hold them back. However challenginglife for the poor families is, I feel that these children should usesuch challenges as a reason to work hard and make a better life forthemselves. should not be tolerated.