Preceptorship Experience

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Ireported at Woodhall Hospital on Friday, March 17 at around 9:00 amand met my preceptor by the name Dr. Jensen. We got over in theorientation process where she introduced me to the departmentalsection where she administers. Dr. Jensen also introduced me to someof her co-workers who she said were to be my colleague for thepreceptorship period. Our interaction gave me motivation andincreased my willingness to learn more. Later, she took me to an areawhere she was to look at the charts for the preparation of JointCommission Accreditation Healthcare Organization (JCAHO).Progressively, she took me to the Rosetta Gaston Senior Center whereshe had to do a nutritional presentation to the older people in thecenter. Dr. Jensen based her presentation on proper eating habitsthat helps to keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels in a healthystate. She raised my expectations that I would gather muchexperience, knowledge, and skills.

Dr.Jensen had some exceptional leadership skills that I observed fromher when conducting her duties. She used both free and authenticleadership styles. Democratic leadership is a form of which the staffis given a participative role. She applied it as she involved membersof her department in participating in decisions making. In herleadership performance, she portrayed courage, energy, andcreativity. During her ruling, she recognized the appropriateindividuals to consult in decision-making and utilization oftheoretical models. On other instances, she became authoritativewhen it came to supervision and directing duties. The authoritarianstyle of leadership, subordinates are not involved, and the leaderdictates policies to be followed. She used these authoritarianleadership styles to ensure policies, procedures and the set goalsfor the hospital were achieved within schedule. Dr. Jensen alsodeveloped systematic and scientific approaches to solving issues thatbegan with a set goal and ended up with evaluation steps. As thePreceptorship concluded at 5:00 pm, I had experienced the bestleadership styles in clinical management.


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