Presentation skills

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SherylSandberg participated to give a speech in the TED stage conference ina video podcast talks. Therefore, the following aspects of her speechpresentation are observed. First, Sheryl seems well groomed. Theappearance of Sheryl determines the attentiveness and perception ofthe audience. Sheryl is in an official dark grey officialoutfit.&nbspProbablygrey is not a shouting color therefore, it will not distract theattention of the audience. Besides, the hairstyle too is presentablebecause it does not interfere with the attention of the peoplelistening to the speech. Therefore, her presentation and dressingcode is undoubtedly canny.

Also,Sheryl has deployed the use of gestures in a professional manner.While talking, she uses variousgestures to catch the attention of the audience by putting emphasisof her speech. The style boosts and seeks to make the audience partof the presentation. Besides, Sheryl has maintained eye contactthroughout the presentation. Eye contact gives immediate feedbackfrom the audience by watching if they are listening to what is beingpresented. Sheryl has utilized the vocal and facial expressionsthroughout the presentation. The projection of her voice is not onlyaudible but also fluent her English is impeccable and flawless. Thefacial expressions depict the feelings and emotions of the presenterat various parts of the speech.

Infuture, the speaker should ensure she involves the audience in thespeech and if possible, use a spacious platform to enable themovement of the speaker from one point of stage to the other. Thespeaker should present the speech while standing to keep the audienceattentive can bring a joke in the middle of the presentation so thatthe audience cannot become nervous. Also, pausing questions to theaudience to cross-check if they are following whatever you arepresenting is important.


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