President Trump; A Critical Analysis

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PresidentTrump A Critical Analysis

Afterthe heavily contested November elections, Donald Trump was named thePresident-Elect on 9th November 2016. On the 20th of January, 2017,he assumed office after a peaceful transition effected by the Obamaadministration. It is approximately two months since hisinauguration, and he has made some decisions while in office. Despitethe party politics and personal reservations, it is important toevaluate Trump’s presidency with a sober mind. To achieve this, aclear comparison between his failures and successes need to be done.The final verdict will arise from this assessment.

Oneof this achievement was realized when he requested federal agenciesto cut two regulations for every new one they propose. This move willnot only prompt fewer controls, but Trump has also additionallyproclaimed that the net cost of any new direction that is included inthe wake of cutting the old controls ought to be zero. At the end ofthe day, the administrative weight of the American individuals canjust reduce in one bearing (Hawkins, 1). Trump comprehends that toimprove the economy one of an ideal approach would be to reducechoking American organizations with formality.

Anotheraccomplishment of the Trump’s administration is the authorizationof the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline: Not onlywill both pipelines create employment opportunities without causingserious environmental implications but as time goes on they will helplessen gas costs. Consequently, this move will impact the economypositively in the future.

Onthe other hand, one the downfall is undermining Obamacare. Trumpeffectively put a shift in the heart of the program by requesting theadministration to &quotexercise all expert and watchfulnessaccessible to them&quot to postpone the law and allow exceptions.Obamacare has been biggest healthcare benefit that Americans havereceived from any President since independence because of theaffordability aspect (Hawkins). Striking it out or overhauling theentire program could not have been taken kindly by citizens, most ofwhom are either middle or low-income earners.

Judgingby this analysis, Trump’s administration might be successful or notdepending on the angle you view it from. However, it is still tooearly to judge because this administration has only been in power foronly two months. Therefore, time will tell.


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