Preventive Health Initiatives

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PreventiveHealth Initiatives

PreventiveHealth Initiatives

Mosthealth services are covered under health plans. These health plansare health insurances that could offer free services if delivered bya doctor within the scheme’s jurisdiction (Centre for Medicare andMedicaid, n.d.). The Affordable Care Act is responsible for theinstitution of the Prevention and Public Health Fund with the aim ofimproving national health outcomes and enhancing the county’shealth standards. The health fund has aided various health activitiesthat target preventive initiative mechanisms, evidence-basedactivities, disease monitoring, immunization, among otherundertakings (U.S. Department of Health &amp Human Services, 2016).These services stream down to individual states that utilize healthdepartments to provide most of these services.

Thestate of Louisiana is one of the U.S. states that provides severalpreventive health initiatives. The Center for Community andPreventive Health offers these initiatives through the LouisianaDepartment of health (LDH) including reporting of infectiousdiseases, screenings, laboratory services, nutritional programs, andhealth needs assessments (Gee, n.d). Some of the featured programsand services include family planning, Louisiana safe kids, Bureau forFamily Health, nursing services, infectious disease epidemiology,STD/HIV program, pharmacy services, Louisiana early hearing detectionand invention program, immunization program, and tuberculosis controlprogram (Gee, n.d). Among the listed programs, the Louisiana earlyhearing detection and invention program is unforeseen. Surprisingly,it is reported that one to two infants in every 1,000 will develophearing loss in the U.S. (Gee, n.d). Therefore, this initiative thatis shared amongst all states supports the identification of theproblem, provision of medical evaluation, and family support serviceswhich will ensure that other cognitive developmental processes arenot affected.

Thesepreventive initiatives positively impact the Louisiana statecommunity since less financial capacities will end up in treatmentprograms. Similarly, it ensures that the population receives qualityand efficient health care hence, saving lives and maintaining ahealthy populace that focuses on economic growth.


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