Pricing and Ethics

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Pricingand Ethics

Pricingand Ethics

APlace I Prefer for Shopping

In thecontemporary markets, there are retailers, wholesalers and companiesthat target amassing wealth from their customers withoutconsideration. Various firms have come up with strategies that makethe customers think that they are being assisted in saving money(Stramarcos &amp Cattell 2013). I chose to shop from a fresh meatmarket store. The store has saved me a lot of money and the employeesare friendly and considerate. I prefer Brownlee meat market to othermeat markets. The paper discusses ethics and pricing in business.

Opinionon Discount Offered

Before I startedshopping in Brownlee, I used to shop at Walmart stores and otherlocal groceries. The discounts that I obtain from Walmart made methink that they were helping me save money. I used to spend over fivehundred dollars per month on meat. The current average expenditure onmeat per month is hundred and sixty dollars. At Brownlee, I am notrequired to take any coupons. Shopping at Brownlee market has helpedme save hundreds of dollars each month. I am obtaining fresh meat,and all I need is to freeze the meat in Ziplocs.

Discussionon if the Retailer is Sacrificing for Revenue

I contemplatethat Brownlee does sacrifice a lot for the sake of their customers.They forgo their profits to supply the most affordable meat in town.To recover the loss by getting all the customers buying from them.They have a high level of customer satisfaction, and this makes themretain their customers as they attract new ones (Carroll, &ampBuchholtz, 2014). During the holidays, the customer base increases.The clients with big families save the money on meat as Brownleeoffer family packs of meat at a lower price.

Discussionon if the Sales Practices are Ethical

According to myperception, the sales practices in Brownlee are ethical. The economyis high, and Brownlee is looking for ways of making sure that theircustomers obtain quality meat at a reasonable price. The decision onpricing of the meat should be based on the mutual benefits of theclient and the business (Ferrell &amp Fraedrich, 2015). Thepractices have helped some customers and more so clients with bigfamilies like me. The sales practices have also made Brownlee toobtain large profits. From the sales practices of the business, thebusiness is worth to be run, as there is a mutual benefit to the firmand the customers.

In conclusion,the company should first understand how profits influence theoperations of business. Some companies are less concerned with thesatisfaction of the clients regarding prices. I feel contented thatmy meat market does care about the customers. A company that caresabout the customers regarding prices has a high chance of thriving inthe future.


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