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PrimaryColors Film




PrimaryColors is a 1998 film which was created from a book by the same namewhose author was Anonymous. The film talks about a politician(Stanton) together with his ambitious wife (Susan) and the campaignteam which was led by Henry Burton (Anonymous &amp Klein,2013). The candidate and the campaign team felt that the mostimportant message to communicate to the voters was to detail them onthe good ideas Stanton had for the country. Stanton was a goodlistener, and he also showed concern thus he felt the two charactertraits would be enough to convince the voters. The candidate wouldtalk to the people in the quest to drive his message home. Thecampaign team would also sell Stanton’s manifestos in places wherehe was not physically present.

Negativecampaign is the type whereby a candidate uses the flaws of anopponent candidate in the attempt to batter him/her. The campaignteam digs into the opponent’s past and looks into all the flaws.They then use the same information in their favor by displaying theopponent as a failure and not deserving the seat. Negative reactionscould either build a candidate’s campaign strategy or even ruin it.In an election, the candidates will do whatever it takes to win,therefore, the reason for conducting a negative campaign.

HenryBurton was the grandson of a civil rights leader, and although he wasnot initially interested in joining the campaign team, he foundhimself on a plane headed for a rally. Burton believed that althoughcandidates may have flaws, they may also have good ideas that makethem win (Anonymous &amp Klein,2013). The election was successive because Stanton and his campaignteam worked smart.


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