Problem Set 2a

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ProblemSet 2a




  1. The quantity of Carbon Intensity less that in 1960

Ifwe had a case where the carbon intensity in the year 2013 was halfthat in the year 1960, the CI will be less by 8.25kgCO2/ GJ to thatin 1960

  1. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted in 2013

Inthe year 2013 the level of carbon dioxide that was emitted into theatmosphere amounted to 129.734,000,000 kilograms

  1. The supposed population in 2013 to produce the assumed carbon intensity

Inorder to be able to achieve a carbon intensity that is equivalent tohalf that produced in the year 1960, the total population should beapproximately 8,954,500 people.

  1. The last time Canada’s population was at 8,954,500 people

Thepopulation of Canada was approximated to be about 8,954,500 people ataround the year 1914 ( retrieve on16/03/2017.

  1. The expected GDP in the supposed 2013

Incase the Carbon intensity in the year 2013 could have been have thatin the year 1960, we expect the GDP to be about $158,168,487,000

  1. The last time Canada GDP was at the level given above

TheCanadian GDP was approximated at the $158,168,487,000 at around theyears 1910 and 1915.