Problem Solving Concepts

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ProblemSolving Concepts

ProblemSolving Concepts


Creativityis important because it enables people to address the challenges thatexist in the society. However, there are several misconceptions inthe society about creativity. These misconceptions are notappropriate because they reduce the effectiveness of people incritical thinking and problem-solving. People are not motivatedsufficiently to solve or prevent challenges. The first misconceptionis the meaning of the term creativity. There are several definitionsof the term. Hence, people understand and implement the termdifferently causing confusion. Some people view creativity asachieving the needs of the society for example, developing transportinfrastructure to enhance the movement of people and products betweencities. But, other people view creativity as extraordinary eventsfor example, the discovery of a new vaccine. There is a misconceptionthat only people with high levels of intelligence, IntelligentQuotient (IQ) 120 are creative. This is not correct because anyperson who develops solutions to challenges or generates desiredresults is creative. The adaption-innovation theory is effective inaddressing the misconceptions. The theory recognizes that individualshave different cognitive levels. Each person is unique and appliesdifferent approaches to achieve results. The theory improves themeaning of creativity because it stresses the achievement of goalsand solutions. Creativity should, therefore, be viewed as theprocesses used by people to achieve results, address solutions, andachieve the interests and needs of people. The theory alsoillustrates that people with different intelligent levels can becreative. A college dropout can be creative. He or she can develop acomputer application that prevents traffic gridlocks. Also, a surgeonwith many years of experience can be creative. He or she can developa new and effective procedure that enhances the success ofoperations.

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Itis true that the society has a misconception about the categorizationof the brain into left and right based on abilities. Thecategorization views people as either logical or creative.Professionals for example, plane pilots and ship captains are viewedas logical and rational because they adhere to set career guidelines,code of conduct, and organizational policy. However, artisticindividuals like painters and dancers are viewed as creatives becausethey follow their passion and inspiration to develop unique andentertaining artwork and performances. The categorization of thebrain functioning can be challenged because any person who developsstrategies of solving problems is creative. A pilot can be creativeby making an emergency landing to the nearest airport during stormyweather conditions. A dancer can also be creative in entertainment bycombining dancing styles from different cultures for example,integrating African dancing techniques and Indian dancing procedures.

Thereis a misconception that creativity is a rare trait that is found infew people. This misconception affects people negatively because theyare not motivated to find solutions to common problems in thesociety. The truth is that creativity is found at various levels inthe society. People use the concept regularly to improve theirquality of life. Teachers use creativity to improve the learningoutcomes for learners with special needs. For example, they usecomputer projectors to enlarge words for the benefit of students withvisual impairment. The police department uses creativity to enhancelaw and order. For instance, the officers use Information Technologyonline networks to track money laundering suspects globally.