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Historyof NYC Architecture

Bankof America Tower

Allsites have a number of natural features that should be considered,determined and analyzed in architectural design. The approach ofintegrating the surrounding of a structure in the design variesdepending on the culture, religion, economy, and the professionals’executing the analysis work. Accordingly, the essay aims atconducting a preliminary research on Bank of America Tower, itsarchitects, and their approach to Contextualism as well as theneighborhood of the structure. To achieve this objective, the paperis based on a hypothesis that the design of the tower analyzed,adapted, and integrated natural and social-cultural factors in thelocality into the context of the building.

TheBank of America Tower is an example of a cutting-edge green buildingtechnology that combines economic, social, and ecological principlewith an objective of creating a sustainable structure. The buildinghas an architectural height of 365.8 meters, 55 floors above ground,3 floors below ground, and an occupied height of 769 feet (&quotTheSkyscraper Center&quot). The building addresses its localenvironment factors, dense conditions of the city, and ensures thatthere is a close correlation between its form and function (&quotCOOKFOX:Studio&quot). Some of the aspects of green building exploited by thetower include building form, water,and energy conservation, material and resources, and environmentalquality. The structure takes a crystalline form that was inspired bythe legacy of the 1853 Crystal Palace and thus, alluding to aneffective natural analog,both urban and organic in nature.

Fig1. Bankof America Tower.Source

Thetower was designed by Cook + Fox Architects who are known for theirdedicated vision towards integrated and environmentally responsivedesign. The organization has successfully completed other projectssuch as St John’s Centre, 641 Avenue of the Americas, City Point,and Friends Centre at Angkor Hospital for Children among others(&quotContextualism&quot). CookFox was founded by Bob fox and RickCook with an objective of bringing together a team of passionateand talented expertscapable of designing high standards sustainable buildings.

Cook+ Fox Architects approaches Contextualism through vernacular basedarchitecture, which reflects the environment, cultural, and historiccontext of the building under consideration. The shape of theorigination’s approach towards Contextualism is formed by climatic,cultural, and social economic factors. For instance, as the Bank ofAfrica Tower rises, it shears into offset halves, and thus,increasing the surface area and verticality of its proportion exposedto daylight.The company pursuesa transformative vision and involves the design of exemplarystructures with a strong connection to site conditions (&quotArchdaily&quot).

Thebuilding is strategically located near Times Square in the midtown ofManhattan, New York. The tower stands on the Avenue of the Americas,opposite Bryant Park and between 42ndand 43rdstreets. The park is integrated into the architectural design of thestructure throughthe use of Urban Garden Room and Green roofs, which are combined withthe natural lobby materials to accentuate the natural factors presentin the city life (&quotArchdaily&quot).How effective the structure is in bridging different contexts such asBryant Park and Times Square is the questions that emerge in regardto the surrounding of the tower.

Fig2. Buildingssurrounding Bankof America Tower. Source

Inconclusion, Bank of America Tower is a sustainable building thatintegrates economic, social, and ecological principle. Thearchitectural design of the structure was done by Cook + FoxArchitects, who have a vernacularapproach towards Contextualism. The design of the building hasfactored the surrounding features, local environmental factors, andsome historic parameters.


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