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Iam a self-motivated and goal-oriented nursing professional with astrong team and leadership skills. I have 9 years’ experience inthe emergency room and general nursing. One of my skills is that I amable to meet the charting requirements to maximize the patient careand reporting guidelines. I am also able to strategically incorporateprocedures that help in maximizing the profitability of the nursingdepartment.


Ihave worked as a professional nurse in different locations. In onelocation, I worked as an emergency room charge nurse, where I managedday shifts of about 8-10 nurses for 20 bed ER. In this position, Iwas the team leader for advanced traumas. I also helped in theestablishment of advanced procedures to ensure the reportingcompliance, where I managed to maximize profitability and experience.My experience as an emergency room charge nurse exposed me todifferent programs such as the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support(ACLS), Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC), and Pediatric AdvancedLife Support (PALS). It also exposed me to advanced EKG and Sonogramsite for PICC and IV line insertion. I learned how to perform ownblood draws, medi ports, splits, ABG’s and I/O’s. I was also incharge of managing patient ventilation procedures.

Ihave also worked as a Case Manager in an Integra Care Home Health,where I managed about 50-60 patients in the Montague County area. Asa case manager, I provided primary wound care for different patientsas required. I also incorporated new reporting procedures that helpme improve the efficiency for billing and patients. I have alsoworked as a medical surgical charge nurse. In this role, I was an incharge nurse for a 30-bed facility. During my time as a MedicalSurgical Charge Nurse, I managed a day shift that consisted of 5nurses and 3 aids. I believe that my experience as a professionalnurse has given me the required experience to succeed in the nursingprofession.

PriorLearning Experience

Istudied at Vernon College, where I got an associate in appliedscience in 2006. In this year, I also managed to become a registerednurse in the same school. Prior to becoming a registered nurse in2006, I had studied and passed as a licensed vocational nurse inVernon College in 2004.

of Student Academic Achievement through RS-BSN Program results

Collegecore abilities

• Ihave the ability to think critically and solve emerging problems

• Abilityto demonstrate informational literacy

• Civilresponsibility and model ethical responsibility

• Abilityto communicate in an effective way


• Imanaged to commit to lifetime learning for continued professional andpersonal growth and development.

• Showbeginning management and leadership skills by utilizing ethicaldecision making, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice.

• Useand apply knowledge from nursing research, theory and practice to theprofessional nursing practice.

• Managedto coordinate culturally competent and holistic nursing care forcommunities, families, and patients

• Useinformation technology in discovering, retrieving, and utilizinginformation to improve and enhance my nursing practice.


Nursinghas been a good and challenging experience for me. I have beeninvolved in different work situations that have resulted in mereacting differently due to experience, knowledge, and insight. Forinstance, I was involved in a nursing action plan that aimed atestablishing community health centers at Jacksboro Texas that hadhealthy inequity due to lack of health education and informationamong the elderly and the poor. The healthy disparity among theelderly and the poor was also caused by the minimal access toeconomic resources. As a professional nurse, the fact that people inthe locality did not receive the required health care was not apleasant site. I was thus involved in developing a publicintervention plan that would help in determining the outreach publichealth intervention to ensure that people with restricted income andthe elderly in the Jacksboro Texas accessed basic healthcare. Theintervention plan involved the use of social marketing, which wasused to ensure that the access to health among the income restrictedand elderly increased by 90%.

Duringthis program, I have achieved both professional and personal growth.I have learned the importance of having good relationships withnurses and patients. The American Nurses Publishing claims that “therespect for people extend to all people with whom a nurse interacts”(2015). I have learned the importance of nurses maintainingrespectful and professional relationships with their colleagues. Ihave learned that I can be respectful to others by being a teamplayer.

Ihave a personal philosophy of nursing, which is, nurses shouldcollaborate with other nurses and government initiatives to make surethat patients are provided with good health care. The American NursesPublishing claims that the complexity of health care needs activeparticipation and strong support of all health professions. Nursesshould collaborate to make sure that patients are provided with highquality and safe healthcare. The plan of care of the patient shouldbe communicated openly between the involved parties. I believe instrong collaboration between nurses, health centers, and governmentsto make sure that all people access quality health care. A goodexample of this is my contribution in establishing an interventionplan for community health centers at Jacksboro Texas, which helped inmaking sure that the access to health among the income restricted andelderly increased by 90%.


Ihave realized that I have some challenges in understanding thehealthcare policy and the regulatory environment when it comes tohealthcare, including national, state, local, and global healthcarerequirements. I will learn the healthcare policy and regulatoryenvironment through the NRS 400: that promotes Healthcare andteaching. This will be done through the website that providesPowerPoint presentation on teaching and health promotion. I will alsolearn about community project through the NRS 404: Community,leadership project through the NRS: Leadership, and the HealthcareReform through the NRS 406: Leadership.

Ihave also faced challenges in understanding nursing within theethical and legal standard and scope of practice for both thecommunities and clients. However, it is possible to learn this in theNRS 302: Nursing Research through NIH training. I can also learnabout the ethical and legal scope of nursing through NRS 400: HealthPromotion &amp Teachings that provides nursing students withdiscussion questions. I also aim at studying the NRS 402: to knownthe informatics for clinical judgment, including the future of healthinformatics papers. I believe that in learning and improving on thesechallenges, I will be in a position to work everywhere across theworld in the nursing profession.


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