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Anaccountant can be considered as a professional person who is involvedin accounting functions that comprise of audits and financialstatement analysis. An accountant can be employed with a largercompany having an internal accounting department or an accountingfirm. Similarly, depending on the level of profession an accountantcan be self-employed by setting up an individual practice. Accountingis an interesting profession, but before developing more interest andembarking on the study a person should consider analyzing variousaspects associated with the career such as colleges offering thecourse among others.

CollegesOffering Accounting Degrees

Despiteaccounting being a lucrative profession in the United States, it isimportant to evaluate all the colleges offering the accounting courseand their ratings. There are numerous colleges that offer the coursebut they do not meet the minimum requirements, and they are notsatisfied to offer the course. It implies that however much a personhas the desire to pursue a career in accounting they may not be ableto become professional accountants who are recognized. Hence, thefollowing are the ten best colleges that offer accounting degree inUnited States: Cuny Bernard M. Baruch College, Bryant UniversityBentley University, Villanova University, University of Notre Dame,New York University, and at Urbana-Champaign, University of SouthernCarolina, University of Illinois, The University of Texas-Austin, andBoston College(Bloomfield, Matthew J., et al. 56-60).

DifferentAccounting Jobs

Withinaccounting profession, there are varied jobs that a person canspecialize in since they require different skills. Specialization inparticular area is imperative since one become effective in thatparticular field. Therefore, depending on the interest of a personone can decide to specialize in one of the following jobs as listed(Engel34). The following are the accounting jobs available in United States:finance director, a bookkeeping clerk, teaching in accounting,accounting clerk, corporate controller, risk and complianceprofessional, auditing clerk, accounting software developer,information technology accountant, accounts receivable clerk,environmental accountant, senior financial analyst, managerialaccountant, accounting assistance, international accountant, billingclerk, chief financial officer, cost accountant manager, accountspayable clerk, vice president, finance, bookkeeper, assistancecontroller, management trainee, forensic accountant, payroll clerk,corporate entertainment accountant, budget analyst, apparel industryaccountants, F.B.I agent specialized in accounting, governmentaccountant, cost accountant, cost estimator, credit analysis manager,treasury analyst, auditor, and tax accountant(Engel 34).

TypicalWork Environment of Accountant

Thework environment of an accountant is dynamic and evolving, and it isfast-paced, and it can either be conducted at home or office,sometimes it might require traveling to the client to conductbusiness. A professional accountant can either decide to work as anindividual or come together as a group with other auditors andaccountants. When accountants are employed in the industries, theyoffer payroll services, finance, manufacturing, insurance, taxpreparation and financial management. The job growth of accountant isexpected to increase by 13% between 2012 and 2022 in the UnitedStates (Matson218).Additionally, those who have attained Certified Public Accountanthave more job opportunities as compared to those who haven’t. Anaccountant who is employed on a full-time basis can work for about 40hours a week. There are certain seasons when these hours can increaseespecially during tax preparation that is when most accountants areat their busiest. There are various works that accountant can getinvolved either where they are employed or elsewhere. For instance,they can organize for workshops or forums where they educate othermembers who are not accountants to understand various accountingtechniques that can help them in their daily lives. Additionally,those who have the desire to improve their profession can continueconducting research so that they can add new knowledge as far asaccounting is concerned(Matson 219).

Projectfor Accountants

Theworld is changing at a faster rate especially in the aspect oftechnology, and that implies that every department must get involvedin projects that will keep them at par with the changes. Similarly,the services that are offered by the accountants are mostlyinfluenced by legislation and case laws as well as government andprivate sector agencies. Most of the developed and developing nationsare part of emerging entities that try to coordinate activities ofprofessional accountants (Jackson,Marlys &amp Nathan 40).Therefore, it is very significant for practitioners, students,academics, regulators and researchers to identify and study the roleand relationship of these bodies with the practice and the content ofthe discipline. Therefore, projects in accounting regulations attemptto evaluate high-quality manuscript that addresses accountingregulatory policy that is broadly defined and comprises of mattersinvolving the structure of education, accreditation and licensing,the economics of regulation of markets and disclosure includingmodeling, legislation and government regulation, case law andlitigation and self-regulatory activities(Jackson, Marlys &amp Nathan 45).


Accountingis a highly competitive professional, and it requires an individualwho has undergone through training, and they are registered withpublic accounts. Similarly, before deciding which college to attendedone must conduct a survey to find out college with best teachingstaff and resources. There are many accountant jobs and they varyfrom one to another, a person must specialize in one in which theycan perform effectively. The work environment of an accountant isevolving, and one must be ready to work under pressure during certainseasons such as preparation of tax.


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