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RudyNino, Assistant Director

RudiNino is an interim assistant director who has acquired expertise indifferent fields of city planning with enormous experience in hisprofession. He was the overseer of annexation and Tax IncrementReinvestment Zone programs. He was also the planning administrator inthe department of planning and community development in the city SanAntonio, and the senior planner in the development servicesdepartment still in the city of San Antonio (Rudy and Priscilla).

Inhis speech, Rudi Nino defines annexation as the scenario whereby acity transfers all its taxing and municipal privileges to anothercity or area. He quotes the local government code of Texas, whichtalks more about the laws that are used to govern the cities.Moreover, he explains that cities annex so as to assess the growthstrategies of regions that they are not in control of (Rudy andPriscilla). Annexation of cities comes along with various benefitsfor instance, it gives a chance to the systematic development of aregion, it ensures the safety of the military and provides revenuefor city projects (Rudy and Priscilla).

PriscillaRosales-Pina, Planning Coordinator

Thesecond guest speaker is the senior management analyst at the City ofSan Antonio. She has gained a remarkable working experience and iscurrently working as the senior planning coordinator at the planningdepartment, the City of San Antonio in Texas (Rudy and Priscilla).

Shewent ahead to explain the full purpose annexation. She noted thatfull annexation involved annexation of the city taxing and municipalprivileges. She further explained the limited purpose of annexationwhere only strategies for development are extended. In addition, shelisted the procedure of annexation, the strategies involved, andfinally, the program of annexation in general where she explained onthe targets involved with the program.


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