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Theblind side relationship essay

Themovie “Blind Side” describes how people from differentbackgrounds interact, For instance Michael Oher and Anne Tuohy areable to relate well despite their financial and differentbackgrounds.

Michaelis seen to be a person who is hopeful, even though he grows up in thestreets where life is hard he doesn`t give up. Moreover, having anupbringing in the ghetto does not change him to be a nuisance to thesociety. In fact, he holds on to being good despite the challengesencountered in his childhood. Additionally, Oher is patient as he canundergo the countless scuffles and oppression. He perseveres until hemeets Anne Tuohy who adopts him legally. Tuohy is a caring personshe offers to pay school fees to Michael and accepts him to herfamily. Anne demonstrates her selfless nature when she puts Oher`sneeds first. She even pays a tutor to coach Michael to help himimprove his grades (Hancock 20). Anne was concerned about thewellbeing of Michael by providing what he needed in his life.

Therelationship between Michael and Anne has a positive aspect. Oher candevelop excellent communication skills. Oher becomes a player in theNFL and his grades improved in school. Michael`s life changesdrastically from struggling on the streets to having a good lifeliving with Anne`s family. Nevertheless, the bad side of thisarrangement is that Michael does not spend time with his biologicalmother.

Michael:It`s nice, I have had one before.

AnneTuohy: what, a room to yourself?

Michael:A bed.

Initially,the relationship between Michael and Anne grows as she takes Michaelas his son. Later in the film, their relationship becomes stronger.For instance, when Michael was being admitted to college, Anne got soemotional to the extent that she did not want to see off Michael.

Inconclusion, we see of a scenario where families of differentbackgrounds are able to interact well. In this case Anne was able tome more tolerant to people and avoid judging individuals.


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