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Maximusleads the Roman legion to victory against the Germanic barbarians inGermania. Commodus, a son of Aurelius, kills his father when herealizes he cannot be the emperor being the patrician so as toinherit his father`s position as an emperor, but he rules as adictator. Maximus’ family death tortures him and he collapses andlater picked by slave traders who sold him to Proximo. While in thisschool, Maximus cuts his tattoo on the shoulder S.P.Q.R, which he hadreceived as a Roman soldier. Proximo and the gladiators are horrifiedby the size of the Roman Colosseum site. This film can be related tothe historical time when the Roman Empire achieved its greatestexpansion under the rule of ‘Five Good Emperors` including Trajan,Nerva, Antoninus Pius, Hadrian, and Marcus Aurelius (161-180 A.D).This was also the period when the difference between Romans andprovincials diminished because a high number of senators, citizens,emperors and soldiers originated from provincials and Italians losttheir domination over the empire. Marcus Aurelius was succeeded byhis son who managed to make peace with the northern frontier, but atlast, his corruption and dictatorship became devastating to theempire.

Gladiatoris a great film that has won various awards including the BestPicture in the year 2000. Despite the movie having a high rating,does not guarantee it 100% historical accuracy. Some of thehistorically accurate facts include the real events that took placein Rome in the last half of the 2ndcentury. Also, it is true that Commodus and Marcus Aurelius wereemperors and they were son and father. However, Ridley Scott presentsthem in a fictional way. Another fact is that Marcus Aurelius was apatriotic defender of the empire and Commodus a cruel emperor whoalways wished to be a dictator.Also, Aurelius did wage wars along thefrontier as portrayed in the movie. The director of this film usesthese real facts to make the viewer perceive all the other parts ofthe film as true and make the movie not to be seen as his makingwithout any historical reference. The movie is full of fiction. Someof the historical inaccuracies portrayed in the movie include theexistence of General Maximus who in the real sense never existed inhistory. Similarly, the movie depicts that Commodus killed hisfather, which is not true, Aurelius died in the Vienna plague. It isalso not true that Commodus’ father felt his son was unfit to rulehe named him Caesar at the age of 5 and identified him as thesuccessor at the age of 17. Also, Commodus never died in theColosseum he was killed after he had reigned for 13 years in thebath by his wrestling partner. Therefore, the movie is ratherfictitious than factual. However, other few events are historicallyaccurate making the film the best in revealing the historical life inthe Roman Empire.

Inmy opinion, Director Ridley Scott has proved his professionalism inthe movie ‘Gladiator.` I enjoyed the film because the plot is arich one with great dynamism. The director helps us to go back to thedepths if the human soul which seems similar to all our social andhistorical experience. The fights in the film have been shown in amanner that makes the entire bloodshed discrete, but still, can makeone feel like screaming. The film is an incredible triumph for thosewho fight for the good of the society, with a perfect blending ofatmosphere, action, plot, and dimensional characters inhistorical-based movies. What I liked most is the resilienceportrayed by Maximus and his optimistic nature as a soldier as wellas how he maintains it throughout the film. Additionally, I like thepatriotism depicted by most soldiers including Commodus sister whowants to see a peaceful country under a good ruler. However, theending is emotional that the audience does not expect, for instance,the death of the protagonist Maximus. The movie is visually andemotionally satisfying.

ThePassion of the Christ

Thefilm shows the final twelve hours of Jesus Christ on earth, on theday of his crucifixion in the town of Jerusalem. Jesus Christ isaccused of blasphemy and brought before Pontius Pilate, who was thegovernor of Judea to be judged. Pilate found Jesus blameless, and hesends him to King Herod. Pilate gives the mob a chance to choosebetween Barnabas and Jesus who was to be set free. The crowd shoutedthat Barnabas should be freed and not Christ. The story ends withJesus rising from death and leaves the tomb where he was buried. Thefilm can be related to the reign of Pontius Pilate when Jesus wasaccused of blasphemy, killed and resurrected the third day.

Themovie is more historically accurate than being fictitious. It issignificant to spot out the facts and fiction in the film to enablethe viewer trace the real historical time when Jesus lived on earth.Some of the historically accurate facts include Jesus going to prayin the Garden of Gethsemane accompanied with his two disciples.Another fact is that according to the gospel books of the bible Jesuswas presented to Pontius Pilate to be judged of blasphemy. Also,Barnabas was released at the cost of crucifying Jesus. It is truethat Jesus rose from death. Other real events in the movie includeJewish religious leaders inciting people to be against Christ,Pilate’s various attempts to convince the crowd of Jesus’innocence and Simon carrying Jesus’ cross. Some of the historicalinaccuracies of the movie include the following. First, Jesuscarrying the full cross, but he most likely carried the cross-beamside of the cross. Secondly, it is untrue that the Jews woreyarmulkes. Also, the movie depicts the crosses as standing on top ofGolgotha which was not the case. Besides, spikes were nailed throughChrist’s palms in the movie which was not the case. Despite theinaccuracies in the film, it remains educative to both religions asit reveals a message of salvation to us as well as how much Jesus hadto suffer to save humanity.

Ienjoyed watching this film because of its well organized and richplot as directed by Gibson which makes the movie entertaining and,motivating one to watch despite the brutality depicted in the story.Additionally, I liked the movie because of the director`s choice ofcharacters, for instance, the person acting as Jesus acts in aninnocence and meek manner that was crucial for the role. Similarly,when Caviezel plays the role of Jesus, he addresses people in acaptivating, emotional and real manner that gives the audience aclear picture of who Jesus looked like and his behavior while onearth. Also, the movie was thrilling on how the director shows therelationship between Jesus and his mother to be so intimate, humanand much personal than his father who is not stated in the film. Thisshows the roles mothers play in their children`s life. Besides, thedirector of the movie is so creative making the film real, lively andmore entertaining by portraying Satan physically showing the audiencehow evil he is. The last brilliant aspect in the film is how Gibsondecided to produce the movie in Aramaic, but still add subtitles.This is significant as the movie can be watched internationally byall people. Similarly, adding of titles and use of Aramaic languagecalls for the person watching to pay attention to ensure they get theflow of the story.


Troyfilm is set from the Homer`s Iliad that recounts the final years ofthe Trojan wars that took place during the 13th BC. The film wasacted to remind its audience of the Trojan wars where King Agamemnonof Mycenae and King Menelaus of Sparta attacked the Fort City ofTroy. The city enjoyed the economic benefits of that time since itslocation allowed for control over of the Dardanelles through whichmerchant ships heading to the black sea had to pass. The war brokeout as a result of the young prince of Troy, Paris, eloped with thequeen of Sparta Helen during a peace visit to Sparta. This lustaction by Prince Paris annoys King Menelaus a factor that triggershim to seek help from his brother with an aim to have revenge for theact prince Paris had done. Chief among the army that attacked Troywas Achilles who happens to be the hero of the Trojan wars. Hisyounger cousin Patroclus also accompanies them to Troy. He feels thatKing Agamemnon is a weak king. King Odysseus fogged the Horse statuethat is mostly called the Trojan horse and uses it to sneak the Greeksoldiers into the impenetrable Troy. Greece ruled Europe. It reflectsthe time when heroes and heroines were the most respected people, andtheir stories echoed from generation to generation.

Thefilm Troy catches quite a break when it comes to historical films.Although most of the Trojan War facts are still unknown, the filmtries to give out some facts. For instance, the movie offers a clearreflection that the Trojan wars took place during the Bronze Age. Themovie reflects Greece as a harsh country which is true. Greece wasnot yet a civilized state during the Trojan wars. Other scenes likethe Hector-Achilles storyline can be considered accurate, but theother deaths shown in the movie cannot be accountedfor. For instance,Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon survive the Trojan War accordingto the poem, but in the film, Prince Hector stabs Menelaus to savehis brother Paris. From the poem, the wars took more than ten years,but the film Troy plays the wars out over a few weeks. Many aspectsof the war are still not mentioned, making the movie fictitious.

Ifound this film interesting. It is indeed epic, full of battles andpresence of cities and large armies to boggle the mind. One thing Ilearned from the movie is how one`s decisions can affect the lives ofthose following him or her. Traits like arrogance and selfishness arealso portrayed in the film and their effects. The effects of suchfeatures play out showing the consequences of every choice made bythe main actors in the movie. Hector, who is the eldest Prince ofTroy, happens to be my best character in the film. He loves hisfamily and is dedicated to performing his duty. Hector even risks hislife in several ways to protect his home and defend his honor. Hefights somewhat against a corrupt king whose aim is to destroy Troyand often chooses the honorable way against the popular way of makingdecisions. The film reminds me of the time when kingdoms were forgedin the battlefields. At this period only swords and spears were theonly weapons known to man. But most of the entire movie isentertaining and worth watching. The flow of events in the film keepsthe audience eyes pinned at the screens waiting for what is to comenext.

Kingdomof Heaven

Itis during the period of crusades, but due to the loss of his family,Balian is almost losing his faith. A man comes to him and introduceshimself as his father then asks him to return with him to the HolyLand, Jerusalem. Balian`s younger brother, who is a member of theclergy, tells him that he was the one who demanded his wife to bebeheaded before burial. Balian kills him which made soldiers to comeafter him to arrest him but his father refuses to hand him over.While in Messina, Godfrey, a great knight approaches Baliandetermining his destiny. Balian accepts to accompany his father toJerusalem where they arrive during the 2nd and 3rd crusades. It isthe time when Muslim and Christian forces are in peace under the wiseleadership of King Baldwin IV. Even though King Baldwin and Tiberiascan be perceived as moderates who are committed to religiouspluralism, this is not the real case. Baldwin has a vision of akingdom of heaven that will be run by few knights including Godfreyof Ibelin who later passes his sword to his son who serves as thebest king by protecting the people from various intrigues and attacksof the Knight Templars. A fight is launched by the Saladin soldierswho end up killing Christians and destroying Catholicism by putting acrescent on top of the church in place of the cross and destroyingmany Christian books.

Despitethe fact that Ridley Scott the producer of Kingdom of Heaven tried toretain the historical accuracy of the movie, he missed the accuraciesin other parts of the film. Some of the historical facts depicted inthe movie include the crushing of the Christian Army at the HattinBattle in July 1187. Another fact is that Balian was the one whodefended Jerusalem and its people. It is true that Balian had veryfew knights. Also, King Baldwin was a leper,and finally Balian was ahighly respected and well-liked by his fellow men-at-arms and KingBaldwin. Some of the historical inaccuracies portrayed in the movieinclude Balian moving from Europe to Jerusalem when he meets hisfather the real Balian was born in Palestine. Another fiction isBalian falling in love with Princess Sybilla, in reality, it was KingBaldwin who was in love with her. It is not true that there was amoment when Balian lost his faith the true Balian was deep intoChristianity until his death. At the end of the movie, afterSalah-ad-Din put Jerusalem into captivity, when he found a crosslying on the floor, he places it on the table respectfully. However,this is not true because he hated the Christian faith hence draggingthe cross all through Jerusalem streets. The movie could have beenmore educative of the historical facts if the director had closelyfollowed the history of the film and portray the real characters ofhow they were or something close to their behavior. Despite thefiction in the movie, it vividly elaborates most of the historicalevents by capturing all the bloodshed and drama of this historicalera.

Ienjoyed the movie because the director produces the film in apeaceful atmosphere with minimal violence. Similarly, the story hasbeen able to narrate historical happenings by fitting characters whoexemplary act their parts in a creative manner. Also, the movie hasbeen depicted in such a way it is not biased to any religion it isneither anti-Muslim nor anti-Christian hence making it favorable forpeople from all faiths to watch it. What I liked most are the battlescenes that have been well done whereby the fights seem real hencemaking the movie thrilling and entertaining. Besides, Ridley Scott,the director of the film uses famous and best actors of famous moviesmaking it more enjoyable. Scott has also used his creativity wiselyto add some fictional details to the story to make it more thrilling.The movie adds reputation to movies produced by Ridley Scott becauseit meets the standards of a historical and action movie, which islikely to motivate people to watch even in the coming years.


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ThirdPolitical Parties

TheUnited States have a long history of failed third party candidates,and the consensus is that the third party candidates are justspoilers for the main parties. In fact, there has not been a thirdparty president in the United States from the time of AbrahamLincoln. He defeated the Democrats and the Whigs using theanti-slavery manifesto. The aim of this paper is to analyze thereasons that make it difficult for third-party movements to succeedin the United States.

Mostvoters in the United States have developed that belief that the thirdparty candidate will always lose. Therefore voting for suchcandidates, even if they have the best manifestos compared to theother candidates, feels to them like a waste of votes since he or sheis unlikely to win. This makes them resolve into voting either arepublican or democrat candidate where they at least have hopes ofwinning (Kaltwasser and Rovira 499) Also, third parties mostlyrevolve around one person or issue thus reducing their popularityamong the citizens. The winner takes all system also is a significantobstacle for the third party candidates. Therefore this practicegives the third party candidate no opportunity in the government evenif he or she becomes second.

Additionally,applicants are required to submit a lot of paperwork so as to beallowed to run for the presidency. For instance, a presidentialcandidate is needed to collect at least 1.5 million signatures allover the country so as for pass the nomination on the ballot. And thetimeline associated with collecting the signatures is limited thusmaking it almost impossible for third party candidates even to reachthe ballot.

Campaignrules also push the third party candidates to the corners with therules they have set in place. It is a requirement that a party canonly run for the presidency if, from the previous elections, theparty managed to have a certain percentage of votes. Therefore thosecandidates from the third parties are forced to fund their campaignsa factor that makes their journey more difficult those from the otherparties (Kaltwasser and Rovira 501). The media also does not give thethird party campaigns enough coverage since they lack enough financesto fund it. This further makes the campaign so expensive to theextent that third party candidates cannot afford.

ThePopulist Party had support from the farmers who wanted a governmentthat can help them solve their problems. But the farmers only couldnot be able to give the party the popularity it needed to win thepresidency. At first, they enjoyed the political victory at the statelevel, but when it came to the national level, the populist lost theelections (Kaltwasser and Rovira 503).

Conclusively,the American electoral process is based on a two-party system thathas been there since the end of the civil wars. Therefore it is toughfor a third party to get its way up to the presidential race. Therules that have been set by the previous governments also inhibit thepossibility of a third party taking part in the presidential race.The American voters have also developed a belief that third partycandidates always lose thus making them not willing to vote for suchcandidates. This further reduces the possibility of a third partyever to win the American presidential elections


Kaltwasser,Cristóbal Rovira. &quotLatin American Populism: Some conceptual andnormative lessons.&quot&nbspConstellations&nbsp21.4(2014): 494-504.

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Howmuch and what kinds of TV viewing and computer use did you engage inas a child? How much do you think your home media environmentinfluenced your development?

Duringmy childhood, I was fond of watching television during my leisuretime. I could watch educative movies and even play various gamesusing a computer or even phones. Sometimes I could learn on how touse the computer by applying what I used to imitate from my oldersiblings and parents. Besides, I could watch the children programsand cartoons because they kept me busy all the time. As a child, itwas fun to watch and play games with other kids during our leisuretime or even after school as long as the parents allowed us. Achild’s environment contributes a lot to his or her developmentinto adulthood. For instance, my home media environment shaped mydevelopment in various phases of life. Through home media, Ideveloped my talent in acting through the movies I used to watch.Additionally, I felt so anxious to participate in sports games justlike the ones I played on the computer.

Achild learns through seeing and imitating the same practice on his orher own. From the knowledge, I gained through the use of thecomputer for playing games such as racing cars and playing cards Igot to learn how to use a computer at my early age which made iteasier for me to apply the skills I learned even in school. My homemedia environment also enabled me to make new childhood friendsthrough our regular meeting with other children to play computergames and watch television programs. Through this, I feel like homemedia had a positive impact on my development as a child.

Howwould you classify your parents` child-rearing style? What factorsmight have influenced their approach to parenting?

Parentshave different ways of bringing up their children based on how theywould like them to grow. As for me, I classify my parents’ way ofbringing me up to be an authoritative one. Though they were somehowstrict, they at times gave me time to explore though with a lot ofcare. They fixed rules for me to follow and I tried so much to ensurethat I break none of them because I could face the consequences. As achild, I grew up in the best way and felt free to try out differentchildhood practices so as to learn. My parents’ way of parentingmade me grow with a sense of protection, self-regulation, and a happyattitude. Various factors contribute to the ways in which parentschoose to rear their children. The factors include how they were alsobrought up. For instance, I feel my parents were raised in theauthoritative way which made them who they are and hence they choseto bring me up in the same way. Besides, my high level of obedience,being well disciplined, giving a helping hand in house chores andbeing ready to be corrected whenever I went wrong profoundlycontributed to their parenting choice.

Didyou participate in adult – organized sports as a child? If, so whatkind of climate for learning did coaches and parents create?

Inmy adulthood, I chose to participate in the adult-organized sportsbecause it was a physical practice that could keep me fit. On theother hand, there were different benefits for participants such asrewards that motivated me to participate. Parents and coaches play asignificant role in helping a child to grasp the sports skills invarious ways. A parent is obligated to create the best learningenvironment for a child by offering both physical and emotional help.Motivation from parents surpasses all other means of giving supportto a child. For instance, during my participation in adult-organizedsports, my parents supported me by rewarding me anytime I emerged thebest. They helped me build up self-esteem in all my interactions insports. The coaches, on the other hand, made my learning environmentso calm by making the training strict accompanied with appropriatediscipline and always made us understand the significance ofparticipating in adult-organized games.

Inconclusion, a child needs to have exposure to the media with theguide of their parents. Besides, there being different parentingstyles, the parents should choose the best ways in rearing theirchildren because a child’s behavior is determined from the day heor she is born. The parenting style should be that has a positiveimpact on the development. Parents should also support their childrenin any significant activity they would want to participate in andoutside of school. It is important since a child gets encouraged andmay even realize his or her talent that ends up being important evenin adulthood.