Promoting Protest Movements to effectively bring social and political change.

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PromotingProtest Movements to effectively bring social and political change.

Protestsare social movements which are purposeful and well organizedmotivated to work towards achieving a common objective. These socialmovements in most cases attempt to bring change, repelling change orgiving a different political voice to the marginalized. The protestmovements can take place in cities we live in, our countries as wellas all over the world with the aim of bringing political and socialchange to these places. These movements are generally triggered bydysfunctions in the way things are done in the society ranging fromdiscrimination due to gender, social class and race to unpopularpolitical decisions and corruption in the government`s institution.

Thesemovements will continue to be a part of our social fabric for a longtime to come as long there is a part of the population that feelstheir interests and needs are being overlooked. However, theaggrieved members of the society have to be able to come up withviable organizations, marshal resources and bring together largemasses that believe in their course, without which social movementswould not achieve their objectives( movements, therefore, remain important in pushing forfundamental changes and have continued to gain momentum in the recentpast. The developing, as well as developed countries, haveexperienced major protests in the past decade that have influencedmajor changes in their nations. In the recent past, protests havecontinued to become more influential with local protests havingglobal publicity which in turn enables them to bring social change onall over the world. This essay will discuss how protest movementshave the ability to effectively bring social and political change,giving examples of the various protests that have taken place in theUnited States in the recent past like women’s march, March for lifeand black lives matter.

TheUnited States has a long history of protest movements, as they haveplayed a big role in its evolution to a democratic state that isenvied by countries all over the world. They have continued to playto the political and social landscape, with the currently havingprotests in the recent past trying to advocate for the rights ofpeople marginalized in the society especially through governmentpolicies( of this social movement that has been witnessed recently is theWomen’s march which was advocating for women’s rights as well ashuman rights in general. The social movement was able to attractmassive crowds in Washington and it was believed to be one of thelargest social movement to have taken place in the recent past. Italso extended beyond Washington to the various around the country andit further went ahead to have similar protests taking place allaround the world as people joined hands to advocate for the rights ofwomen and other matters that they believed were under threat from theTrump’s administration. The marches were advocating for justice andaccountability for police brutality and they were also against racialand gender discrimination that many faced in the criminal justicesystem. The march also aimed to assert that all caretaking anddomestic work was work, regardless of the pay. The right ofimmigrants, as well as comprehensive reproductive rights, were partof the agenda of the social movements. This is a perfect example of aprotest movement that can effectively contribute to effective socialand political change. The protest movements, therefore, remain animportant part of the society and should be encouraged as they play abig role in creating positive change.

Anothermajor protest movement that has taken place in the recent pastadvocating for social change is the March for Life that happened soonafter the Women’s March. The wave of protest movements is enoughevidence of their effectiveness in communicating the peoples andpushing for the implementation of the changes that are needed in thesociety. The protest’s main agenda was to oppose the abortionrights, a course the protesters have taken for the four decades byhaving annual protests. The main vision of these protest is to ensurethat people live in a world where human life is protected and valued,and the protests always advocate for a change of law to protect humanlife. Despite the issue being contentious and a large number ofAmericans having varying views on the legalization of abortion, themovement has remained steadfast and continue to gain traction as itpushes for its agenda. The protest’s agenda was one of the maincampaign promises given by the president during his campaigns, aclear indication that the protests have eventually gained their wayand are in the process of winning the battle to make abortion illegalin the United Sates. This is another perfect example of how effectiveprotest movement have become in advocating for various issues in themodern world( protest is hence important, especially in the fight to makethe world a better place for its inhabitants.

Theblack lives matter is another protest that has been fighting againstthe killing of innocent black people in America. Despite thedestruction of property witnessed in some of these protests, theiragenda should not be overlooked as they are fighting for the justiceof brutally murdered black people. If their goal is achieved, thepeople of color who feel marginalized and discriminated against bythe police, justice system and the government as a whole, should beable to enjoy living freely in a free state. The number of deaths ofcontinued to reduce and this can be attributed to some of theseprotests in the various states.

Socialmovements and collective behavior remain some of the greatest forcesthat influence social in most case political change. The change isusually intentional and generally caused by people, however, thereare some changes despite being influenced by social movements arerandom despite being caused by the population( have hence have continued to be affected by technologicalinnovations as well as the changes in social institutions all overthe world. Technology has, however, is perceived to have had thegreatest impact on protest movements. It is now easier and faster toorganize and mobilize people for protests through the variousplatforms that have been created through technological advancement.People are now able to promptly share information and images and thisis one of the main reasons global protests have increased graduallyover the years, as people in various countries across the globe areable to protest in support of others. The Women’s March is a clearexample of the evolution of social movements, where people fromvarious countries demonstrated in support of the Women’s March inWashington. The Arab uprising in the Middle East and North Africa wasalso greatly influenced by technology, with protesters using socialmedia platforms such as Facebook and twitter to advance their course.A good example being Egypt, where protesters were able to effectivelymobilize and organize for protests despite being closely monitored bygovernment institutions.

Itis clear that protest movements remain vital in addressing issuesthat face people in their daily lives but are constantly ignored bythe responsible institutions. Gender inequality, human rights, andracial discrimination are some of the issues that have led to massiveprotests in the recent past as people try to fight for the rights ofthe discriminated members of our societies( therefore believe, protest movements should be supported as theyhelp keep the various institutions and political regimes in check.Despite some of the protests taking a long time to achieve theirgoals while other turns violent, their success in fighting andrepresenting the voiceless in the society remain unmatched. Countriesall over the world, including the United States, continue to witnessprotest movements which in many instances have succeeded in gettingjustice for the aggrieved and greatly influencing the political andsocial change realized in most nations. The need for the variousprotest movements to evolve and transform over time, especially oncethey have achieved their objectives is necessary. They need toconstantly revise their goals one they succeed as this will ensurethey never lose relevance. If this is achieved, protest movement willbe part of our society and play a key role in influencing change.

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