Pros and Cons of using Twitter when building one’s professional

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Prosand Cons of using Twitter when building one’s professional network


Prosand Cons of using Twitter when building one’s professional network

Theadvancement in technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the mannerand extent to which individuals use the social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp, among others). Today,for instance, there are about 319 million Twitter monthly activeusers by February 2017, increasing the total tally to about 600million. This essay provides a review of the pros and cons of usingTwitter to expand one`s professional network and the likely impact onits use.

Therehas increasingly been a serious debate on the appropriateness ofusing Twitter in bettering one`s professional network. There arethose who favor the idea of using Twitter to expand one`sprofessional network citing its ease of use and interactive abilitiesas one of the key reasons. They also argue that Twitter provides itsusers with opportunities to engage in real-time (or virtual)discussions, which is arguably important for one’s careerdevelopment. For instance, research has shown that Twitter could bethe key to individual participation in micro-eLearning. With just 140characters, Twitter forces people to be concise and impactful(Pappas, 2015). When done the right way, such tweets can provoke areaction and even initial a discussion. Besides, evidence shows thatit is easy to share professional latest information (eLearningarticles, for instance) via Twitter, which can help to improve one`sprofessional network. Critics have, however, indicates that Twittercannot be used to initiate in-depth professional discussions owing toits character limit of just 140 characters. Moreover, unlike othersocial medial platforms such as Facebook (groups), Twitter cannot beused to send direct mass audience messages (Pappas, 2015). There arethose who agree that the use of Twitter is more distracting thanother platforms such as LinkedIn. This is a major setback for seriousprofessional network building.

Inconclusion, it is easy to say that Twitter use can better one`sprofessional network. However, Twitter is coupled with somelimitations making it less suitable for sustaining professionalnetwork development. In my view, professionals should divert theirattention to the use of LinkedIn for building their networks asopposed to using Twitter or Facebook.


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