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Oursociety is changing at a fast rate, and we even do not know whatchange will happen tomorrow. In the same way, change in society has asignificant influence on individuals’ behavior. However, there ismuch hope in psychology because it helps one to understand bothsocial and behavioral changes that affect one’s personality.

Myname is Jeff, and I come from California. I am a quiet person, andmost of the time I like keeping to myself. Besides, I love travelingduring my free time. In particular, traveling to Thailand is one ofmy most fond activities. My major is Psychology. I did sign up forSOC 352 because I have a great desire to understand human behaviorand gain the knowledge necessary to help people around me. Forinstance, I come from a big family whereby no one gets along with theothers. Over time, this phenomenon has become a matter of concern tome, and I believe I can do something to help my family members to getalong. Besides, studying psychology is a great step towards mydesired career of working in the health care sector.

Inthe recent days, the shift to texting is one social change that has adirect influence on my life. I prefer calling to texting, as Iperceive it is much easier and convenient for me. However, many of myfriends and close family members have a preference to texting.According to research data from Pew Internet and American LifeProject, most individuals prefer texting to any other form ofcommunication(Wood, 2016).As such, I always feel like I am an outlier, reluctant to move withthe change around me. Going by this tendency, I presume the society’sinclination towards texting will lead to a situation wherebyindividuals will shy away from face to face conversations.


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