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PublishRelationship Writing

Public RelationsSociety of America (PRSA) has often strived to facilitate the jobsearching process and ensuring that the graduates do not have adifficult time finding employment. More important, they expose theirmembers to the network of professionals. They can also get thetraining programs that will improve their skills and assist them inexcelling in their respective fields. This essay reveals a videoscript that promotes PRSA, a blog post, an email to one of thepotential clients as well as the talking points that will be usedwhile addressing individuals that want to join the organization.

Part1: Video Script for Cincinnati PRSA

The Benefitsthat PRSA offers to its Members

Sponsor: PRSA Copywriter: PRSA

Length: 30 Second 3/14/2017

Production Notes

Narrator: femalevoice of a person between 25-28 years

Beneficiary: femalevoice of a person between 25-32 years




NARRATOR: Most graduates tend to have a difficult time as they are trying to get a job. Some of them lack the network of professionals and friends that can link them with proper jobs.


NARRATOR: Meet Christine, who is one of the beneficiaries and he accessed her current job through PRSA and used the training programs and currently she is the Senior Accountant Executive.

BENEFICIARY: Finding a job was a huge problem, and I could not find anyone to link me up with a job after my graduation. After joining PRSA they were helpful in securing a job interview, and I was able to get the position, and their programs have provided an opportunity to succeed even further.

NARRATOR: You might be one of the graduates that are struggling in finding a job. Just search PRSA on any search engine and you will be linked to our website where you will find more valuable information about our services.

Part2: Blog Post for Cincinnati PRSA

The university hasprovided three skills such as budgeting, time management as well asteam work that can be applied in the real world. In this case,budgeting is an essential skill that was helpful in the university.First, one often has limited funds that can be used in handling theendless expenses that might arise. Hence, a small budget often comesin handy in planning how to use the cash appropriately. Moreimportant, there is always the need of prioritizing the basic needsand place the luxuries at the end of the list. The same approach canbe efficient in the real world since the ever-increasing expenses canforce to be bankrupt. Applying the same technique will ensure thatone is free from debts and money is used wisely. In fact, one willfocus on the basic issues such as food, clothing, rent and thetransportation costs rather than place money on luxury aspects thatare not essential.

Working with others is another key skill that one can acquire in theuniversity, and it provides an opportunity to build a friendship withothers. In some cases, the professors insisted on the assignmentsbeing handled as group works, and the scenarios showed the need forinteracting with others. Often, the group had to sit down and plan onhow they will achieve the specific goals. The approach can be usefulin the real world since the workplace might need the departments orteams to work together in solving individual projects.

Time management isalso an important skill that has allowed people to organize theirschedule and make sure that everything is done efficiently. In thiscase, the university often had multiple activities such as thelectures, finding time to revise for the exams, and visiting thefriends too. The scenario showed the need to create enough time foreverything and organization was critical during such times. Theapproach is also necessary in the real world since it allows one towork efficiently because he or she will understand what need to bedone first and last. It can even improve the productivity since onedoes not forget any critical task required in achieving theobjectives at hand. Lastly, a significant amount of time is placed oneach chore to make sure that the user has the ability to finisheverything within the specified period.

PartThree: Email to Prospective PRSA Member

From:[email protected]


To:[email protected]

How theMembership Fees is spent on improving the Services

Dear Miss. Bartley,

It is a pleasure to have you as a member of the PRSA, and we knowthat you will not regret making such a decision. First, we understandthat you have concerns about the high membership fees that you havebeen asked to give the organization.

However, the higher fees needed for the membership is invested invarious activities that will make the team quite effective inassisting everyone. The fees are used in running the organizationsand arranging for the training sessions that the members can access.The same amount is also used in arranging for consultation programswith other agencies where a member can get other job opportunitiesthat seem more lucrative. Being part of the organization also showsthat you will access a wide range of updates and information thatwill help them in excelling in your professions. The trainingsessions and getting the industry headlines include some of theaspects that the will provide information that they might need.

Furthermore, the organization also offers the discounts that canreduce the fees that you were supposed to pay. Hence, perhaps, youcan revisit the list and identify a particular part that matches withyour needs as one of the loyal members. We promise that you will notregret making such decisions because the organization will make yourmembership worthwhile.

Warm Regards,


PartFour: Talking Points for Cincinnati PRSA Board

Joining PRSA will have various benefits that assist the new membersin getting proper opportunities. For instance, most graduates canaccess a good network of professionals that can help them inacquiring vast experience and skills needed in multiple careers.Learning from such individuals can reveal the essential aspectsrequired in getting better jobs. They can seek new ways of advancingtheir careers and making sure that they are on the right path. Thescenario will also increase their chances of excelling in theirrespective professions. Second, the members can understand thestandards and principles that they should possess in comprehendinghow their new jobs work. For instance, the ones dealing with publicrelation will acknowledge why integrity, communication skills andbeing patient are influential in the field. They might need suchaspects while interacting with people and knowing what they want toachieve. Lastly, PRSA also assists its members in gettingopportunities that prepare them for more complex tasks. In mostcases, they can get the training, skills development, and updatesthat can shape their professional abilities. They also help innurturing the passion and make sure that they have the drive and thecapacity to excel in their respective fields as well.


In conclusion, PRSA is an organization that values the interests ofits members, and it focuses on empowering them to ensure that theyare able to succeed. First, they have been able to connect themembers to various job positions. They also have accessed trainingprograms that have enhanced their chances of growing in theirrespective fields.