Purpose of Study in Master of Sociology

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Purposeof Study in Master of Sociology

Purposeof Study in Master of Sociology

Thereare several reasons why a student pursues a higher level ofeducation, including, attracting employment opportunities, for careerdevelopment or as life skill among others. A Master Degree inSociology impacts a learner with the necessary creativity,innovation, critical thinking, analytic problem-solving, andcommunication skills. These skills are essential in understanding thedynamic social world and in developing solutions to the emergingproblems. This paper seeks to analyze the purposes of pursuing theacademic degree.

Thesocial analysis skills enable the student to understand sociologicalexplanations, their potentials, and implications (Human Services,2015). It also gives the student the ability to apply the acquiredprinciples to real-world scenarios and to collect and analyzesensitive data on related topics. The research methods comprise ofstatistics, qualitative methods, and research design. It is importantfor a student to acquire these research skills in sociology. Theseskills will enable the student to select and apply the variety ofmethods to the consideration of social problems in diverse settings(Human Services, 2015). They also empower the student to deal withthe different forms of data and information ensuring they communicatethe findings effectively. Research and analysis skills enable thestudent to interact better with their environment (Human Services,2015). For example, studying in the USA provides the student with aunique opportunity to engage and understand the social aspects of theurban or modern community.

Inconclusion, a Master Degrees in Sociology examines the organizationand the development of human societies. The degree is also anecessary foundation for a Ph.D. in a range of other human servicesand related fields.


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