Purpose of study of Master in Sociology Students

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Purposeof study of Master in Sociology



Purposeof study of Master in Sociology

Adegree program in Master of Arts (MA) in U.S.A sociology providesadvanced studies in sociology and varied specialized fields ofresearch. Sociology has a broad range of applications for vocationaland practical opportunities. This paper scores the primary reasonsfor my choice to study a Master in Sociology in the USA.

Firstand foremost, my ardent love for sociology studies provides me withthe intrepidity to advance my studies in this line of specialization. Further, my current involvement inspires a personal challenge todevelop and be better in this major. A close look at the programcurriculum informs that it provides a broad skill-set applicable tomy dream areas of work. The improved critical faculties gainedthrough this study will allow me to make deliberate and rationaldecisions. Developing myself in this line study, therefore, is anexcellent ingredient for my future career aspirations. The group andindependent projects carried out by the professionals in this fieldassists in developing teamwork, autonomy, and self-dependence skills(Lash, 2014).

Mychoice to study this program in the United States in informed by anumber of reasons. First, the US offers a more specialized trainingbacked by high-end theoretical and practical knowledge. Second, theUS is a hotbed of mega-organizations that are crucial forinternships. Also, the university is exceptional in its right andstudying at that point guarantees greater success in careerprogression. Lastly, it is instructive to not that even though thereis no any International student have explored in this major before, Iwould be so happy if I got accepted to increase my knowledge insociology.


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