Purpose of the Literature Review

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Purposeof the Literature Review

Purposeof the Literature Review

Aliterature review offers a highlight of past research on a particularsubject. In other words, it plays the role of critically evaluating,classifying, and comparing published information regarding a certaintopic. For instance, for matters of criminology, a literature reviewwill be important to allow the author to form a foundation of his orher subject and offer justifications for the intended exploration.Therefore, it is a vital part in any scientific research, especiallyto set the basis of study and explaining how the investigation fits acertain discipline.

Firstof all, literature review enables the creation of a rapport with thereaders of the intended audience of a certain study. In return, theyare expected to give credit to a scholar for their due diligence inthat a paper acknowledges not only one’s research but also that ofothers (Kim, 2015). In fact, it plays a huge role in revealing toreaders that one knows what they are studying and writing about.Therefore, the more literature analysis that one depicts in theirreview sections, the more they become trustworthy to their audience.

Moreover,a literature review plays a role in preventing a paper from havingincidental plagiarism. When one is ready to publish a certainsubject, then they should realize that someone else has done suchbefore or something related to the same (Kim, 2015). In that case, itwould be wise to acknowledge other people’s work in writing toprevent copyright issues. Furthermore, one is able to sharpen theirstudy focus by placing the most relevant studies in theircompilation.

Allin all, a literature review is a crucial part of any scientificresearch. It helps establish a foundation for one’s study topic inthe most relevant way. Most importantly, the analysis of otherpeople’s work assists to avoid the issues of plagiarism.


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