Quantitative Research Designs on Bipolar Disorder

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QuantitativeResearch Designs on Bipolar Disorder

Cardio-metaboliccomorbidities associate with increased mental disorders. There isneed to evaluate the issue which revolves around the increasedbipolar rates. The article ‘Cardiometabolic comorbidities,readmission, and costs in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: areal-world analysis’ examines the issues revolving around thecondition. The study aimed at evaluating the prevalence of theillness and its association with hospitalization. The patientsreviewed were diagnosed of schizophrenia or bipolar sickness. Dataextraction was from the Premier Perspective Database which providedinformation on various hospitals and over a lengthy time. Thetimeframe which data was analyzed was from 2010-2012, which gave roomfor consistency of the information got. It was also easier andcheaper to mine data from this database. The data comprised of allthe variables under the study. The article ‘Comparison ofassociated features and drug treatment between co-occurring unipolarand bipolar disorders in depressed eating disorder patients’ aimedat evaluating the differences in the characteristics of prescribeddrugs between the unipolar and bipolar conditions with patients whohad some eating disorders. The study got data through interviewingpatients with EDs and major depressive episode. The method gave roomfor the detailed report since there was no room for manipulation ofthe data. It also gave room for original information since therespondent’s views were recorded.

Havinga good research design is important during the study. It helps inmaking best recommendations on the issue. Hence, choosinginappropriate research design may result in inaccuracy of the results(Omair,2016).If the results of research are incorrect, there is a high likelihoodthat the recommendations taken will be ineffective giving room forthe problem to continue thriving.


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