Question One What do you think is the climax of the play?

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QuestionOne: What do you think is the climax of the play?

Answer:Theclimax happens at the point where the Boy shoots himself and theactors are not able to tell if he really committed suicide, or he isjust pretending.

Questiontwo:Arethe six characters real or fictional?

Answer:The six characters within the play insist that they are real eventhough they are actually the products of an author’s imagination.However, both the director and actors are able to see and hear them,they recognize them as humans who are just playing a trick.

Questionthree: Whatis it about SixCharacters thatmakes it relevant to a wider audience beyond the world of theater?

Sincethe six characters appear to be unreal, it raises the question on whobetween the author and the characters should be real. In fact, inmany short stories and novels, an actor is less real than thecharacters. That means the character should always present reality.