Race Discussion

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Raceand ethnicity are terms that are used to classify human populationsin various parts of the world. The essay seeks to explain the issueof human variation based on race and cultural identities.

Eachwebsite that discusses the race issue has one important point. O’Neil(2013) discusses the issue of human variation. There are littledifferences because human beings in all regions are 99.9% similargenetically. The 0.1% difference is because of unique traits forexample, gender and geographical location. American AnthropologicalAssociation (2016a) illustrates that human beings belong to onespecies because of shared genetic traits as a result ofinterbreeding. American Anthropological Association (2016b) explainsthe nature of the DNA variation in human beings. The populations haveshared variation. Europeans and Asians possess similar categories ofvariations. Most of these variations are possessed by Africans.Africans also have extra variations.

Thethree websites have a consistent point about the race issue. The keypoint that is consistent in the discussions is the similarity of theentire human population. The genetic traits of human beings are 99.9%similar.

Theglaring difference in the information provided by the three websitesinvolves the classification of various human populations. O’Neil(2013) classifies populations according to the genetic distance.American Anthropological Association (2016a) groups peoplegeographically for example, Africans, Asians, and Europeans.American Anthropological Association (2016b) broadly classifiespeople as African, Asian, and European.

Raceand ethnicity are different. Race is a biological classification ofthe various distinct human populations. However, there is littlegenetic or morphological difference because people belong to the samespecies, Homo sapiens. The genetic variation of a person from Africaand a person from Europe is less than 0.1% (Live Science Staff,2012). Ethnicity is the cultural classification of human populations.People who live in the United States have the same American culture,even though they have different skin colors (Live Science Staff,2012).

Thediscussion has clearly shown that there is less variation among thehuman populations. People are becoming similar increasingly becauseof advances in transport and telecommunication technologies thatenhance communication and interactions.


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