Racial/ethnic Identity

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Racialidentity is an issue of concern in the contemporary society. I wasborn in the USA, and so were my parents. However, my grandparentswere Italians which makes me identify myself as an Italian American.My race is considered as the fourth largest group of Europeanancestry in the U.S.A. My ethnicity is associated with some culturalenrichment varying with the language, artistic designs, religion,music, and entertainment among others. Because of this, many peopleadmires the cultural practices of my race.

Oneof the experiences I have met regarding my racial identity is highexpectations from my peers. Some of the modern classic dancing stylesare attributed to my race cultural practices which make it highlyvalued. Being an Italian American makes me feel worth due to thepositive values linked with my ethnicity. However, some of my friendsI associate with from other races expect me to be good in dancing. Ithas made me receive some invitations in some parties from my peers.Italian Americans are projected to be highly disciplined which makesthem be criticized after committing small mistakes. My family valuesthe cultural practices of my ethnicity and participates in thecelebrations held to honor our culture.

Myexperiences express of the different expectations the society expectsfrom each race. Different ethnicities have various practices.Acknowledging my race’s cultural practices reveals the valueItalian-American race has added in the American society. It alsoshows that each race has a unique value it adds to the America’scommunity. It is a way of welcoming the society we want to beregarding racial diversity.

Ethnicidentity is a matter of concern in our contemporary society. Everyrace has its unique characteristic which adds value to the community.


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