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Thearticle, MommyWhat Does Nigger Meanby Gloria Naylor, explores the usage of language to discriminateagainst certain communities. Naylor is an American novelist who wroteextensively on issues affecting the African-Americans. In thearticle, the author explores how the word Nigger was common in theAmerican society to make reference to the black community. Much assome words were seen to be demeaning and abusive, their usage wasoften taken out of context hence, contributing to cases of racism.

Inone of the statements, the author asserts, “I don`t agree with theargument that use of the word nigger at this social stratum of theblack community was an internalization of racism” (Naylor, 1986, p.512). Naylor was concerned that the blacks used the name amongstthemselves without any feeling of degradation. However, the wordamounted to racism when used by the whites on the blacks. From thewords and the author’s thinking, it is likely that Naylor gotconcerned that the African-American community was taking some issuesout of context. It is also likely that Naylor believed that theblacks expressed elements of hate against the whites.

Naylor’sarticle has a great connection to racial stereotyping and profiling.Both the blacks and whites had elements of hate against one another.It is inadequate to say that they are the only group that undergoesethnic discrimination (Naylor, 1986). One example of the experiencesis prejudice at the workplace. The two communities expressdispleasure when working at the same place.

Inconclusion, racial discrimination is still prevalent in the Americansociety despite the multiple interventions by the government. Theblack community has faced intense racism in the United States sincethe group was among the first minorities in the country. It is nowthe time for the society to eliminate the prejudiced ideas andtendencies that lead to inequality.


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