Reasons for a project failure

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A project is meant to meet the customers’ requirements. Therequirements of a successful project are meeting the deadlines,specifications and cost limits. In some cases, a project may end upfailing. The reasons as to why a project can fail to include unclearspecifications or missing corporate requirements. A business canfail due to skipping of system development lifecycle phases. If theproject plan is not well managed, a project will fail. In addition,if the technology keeps on changing the course of the projectimplementation, the project has a greater probability of failing(Baltzan 121). The paper discusses key reasons why a project fails.

Impacts of the Failures of a Project

Change in technology refers to a situation where the technology beingused in the project becomes obsolete. If technology becomes obsolete,it means that it should be changed thus additional costs. A projectshould conform to the specifications made by the corporate. If thespecifications are not met, then the project will not meet the needsof the customers (Baltzan 128). In the case of project development,all the phases should be put into consideration because failure tofollow the phases can lead to dysfunction of the project.

Examples to Demonstrate Project Failure

In the case of a systems development, a team may plan to use acertain technology, but with time, it realizes that the technologyhas changed. Changing the project will lead to delays and additionalcosts thus failure (Baltzan 132). In the case of the specifications,for instance, website development, the client whose being designedthe website will have some specifications of what should feature inthe website. If the specifications are not clear or the websitedesigner does not follow the instructions, then the project will havefailed. The website development should go through all the phases to aproject development skipping a step would mean a project failure. Forinstance, in the website is put to use before testing for itsfunctionality, it may lead to errors that make it functionless.

The Importance of Understanding Why a Project Fails

The project managers should understand the reasons that can result inproject failure. Having such understanding, they can be in a positionto avoid the causes of project failure, and that will save them timeand cost as well as hold their goodwill and customers too. Inconclusion, it is always good for one to understand the possibleproject failures as it helps in saving the project managers duringtheir plans and implementations.

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