Recommendation Letter

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Itis with high enthusiasm that I propose Derrick Morgan for admissionat St. George`s Medical School. As a professor at New York MedicalCollege, I taught Morgan in the organic chemistry course. He wasamong the best, talented, and intelligent students. Morgan remainsamong my best medical school students, having featured in the honor’sroll in a number of years. Looking at my academic records, I haveobserved that he remained a top achiever throughout the entire periodat our facility. Rarely do I get an opportunity to come along atalented and committed student as Morgan.

Ifirst met him in one of the tutorials I was training students duringa laboratory lesson. Being a professor, I understood students whoshowed signs of the quest for excellence in their academics. He wasattentive to the details. Such a trait is important for medicalscholars, as they need to take cognizant of the finer details forsuccess in their projects. On academic performance, the studentattained an A in the consecutive semesters of Organic Chemistrycourse I and II during the Fall and Spring of 2013. The resultsreflect the student’s prowess in attaining academic excellence. Ialso noted that the student is good at finding scientific patterns.On many instances, Morgan assisted a number of students on solvingchemical mechanisms during small weekly sections.

Givena chance, I would like to see the student excel in his career, as heappears concerned about attaining a career in the same field.Morgan’s zeal is evident in the way he approaches the instructorsfor guidance on complicated matters. He also valued the importance ofdiscipline. From my files, I do not have any case of naughtinessagainst the student. Our medical school has a strict culture andguidelines on how the students ought to behave. Having served in thehighlighted positions reflects that the faculty and school had greatconfidence in his abilities.

Besides,Morgan was the leader of the cohort taking organic chemistry duringhis days at the New York Medical College. I understand that thecurrent clinical practice requires individuals who have anunderstanding on how to resolve the prevailing challenges. Guided byhis leadership qualities, Morgan stands a better chance to integrateseveral principles in the clinical practice. He has also proven to bean excellent good leader, as I understand he was among the learnersin the students’ council. He possesses traits that are identifiablewith a medical student according to the aspirations of otherstakeholders. It is my belief that Morgan stands to benefit the fieldin the future. He is among the students who require close guidanceand enabling environment to contribute positively to the society.

Insummary, Morgan is not only a bright but hard working student. He isdependable and reliable as evidenced by the good relations he hadwith other students. The character is instrumental in the medicalfield where one is required to develop a good rapport with thepatients, colleagues, and families. I also consider that he requiresa good learning environment as provided by your institution. In my 20years in the teaching profession, Morgan remains a favorite studentwho I would like to nurture towards success in a career of choice. Itis my pleasure to endorse his application for admission in themedical school passionately.