Recruiting/Hiring and Workplace Diversity

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Recruiting/Hiringand Workplace Diversity



SUBJECT:Recruiting/ Hiring and Workplace Diversity

Recruitingand Hiring

Recruitingis the process of finding and employing the most qualified candidatefor a certain job opening advertised by an organization (Poreddiwa,2015). The candidate can be from within or outside the company. Therecruitment process should be done in a timely manner and minimizecost. In the recruitment process, the human resources team shouldhave certain resources such as advertising and sourcing for theapplicants. The team should maintain pre-employment assessments suchas work samples to assessment of candidates (HumanResources Recruitment &amp Selection,2017). Moreover, they should have a reference checking to see if thecandidates match with the requirements before conducting the visualinterviews.

Thehiring process includes various steps from the time an individualsends an application to acceptance of a job offer. The first processin recruitment entails pre-screening of applicants through interviewsand selection of the best candidate. Afterward assessment ofqualifications is conducted to ensure the credibility of the employee(Sipple, 2017). The new employee has to go through drug tests andbackground checks to provide more information. After all thenecessary checks are done the new employee is placed at his stationand brought onboard with the rest of the team. The recruitingmanagers are faced with various challenges that deter them fromhiring often. These challenges include time whereby they are requiredto hire quickly (Shma, 2013). Another challenge is the lack of enoughresources for the process. The recruiting team is also faced with thechallenge of finding candidates that fit into the company’sculture. However, there are benefits of recruitment include:

  • Providing fresh outlook for the company (Harrington, 2016).

  • Acquiring innovative talent from the new employees


Workplacediversity refers to the differences and similarities of employees atthe place of work in terms of age, cultural beliefs, values, gender,race, and religion (Leroy, 2014). Diversity improves productivity andcompetitive advantage of the business. Moreover, it is beneficial toboth employees and the employer because it increases productivity(Mattson, 2016). It reduces lawsuits for the employer and increasesmarketing opportunities, creativity and innovation and enables theorganization to maintain a business image. Managing a diverse workpopulation is very challenging because employees have differentattitudes and behaviors (“Needfor workplace diversity: Challenges in Indian organisations:Featurephilia,”2016). For example, negative approaches and behaviors harm theworkplace relationships and decrease the morale of employees thatreduces productivity.

Toeffectively manage a diverse team, managers need to ensure there isno discrimination against any employee. Moreover, they shouldrecognize cultural biases, personal bias, and prejudice to avoidsituations where they favor certain employees (Baxter, 2016).Therefore, the managers should provide equal employment opportunitiesand enough training to employees to accept diversity

Theprocess of recruiting in an organization is vital because itdetermines the productivity. Moreover, having diverse teamscontribute high values to a company in terms of profits, brand andpublic image.


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