Reference (in APA format for a reference page)

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Evidence-Based Practice – Research Evidence Appraisal Tool

Reference (in APA format for a reference page)

Levett-Jones, T., Pitt, V., Courtney-Pratt, H., Harbrow, G., &amp Rossiter, R. (2015). What are the primary concerns of nursing students as they prepare for and contemplate their first clinical placement experience? Nurse Education in Practice, 15 (4), 304-309.

Author Credibility Analysis:

Despite the fact that the authors have not mentioned their academic credentials, various aspects support their credibility. First, the authors have used credible sources to support their findings. Secondly, the research has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, an implication that it has scholarly consistence. Finally, the research is up to date, further confirming the authors’ credibility.

Place an “X” in the box that represents the type of evidence this article is. It can only be ONE!



Meta- synthesis





Strength of Study Design

What is the sample size and was it appropriate for what was being researched? The sample size of the research is 262. Given that the population size is 547, and applying a confidence interval of 95%, the sample size is appropriate, as it is a good representative of the population.

Were study participants randomized? Yes, the choice of participants had no clear pattern, and all members of the targeted population had an equal chance of participating in the research.

If there was an intervention, what was it? The study had no form of intervention.

Was there a control group? The study had no control group.

How was the data collected? Data collection involved the research participants completing an online survey, which had 22 questions. The process was a continuation of the data collection process, conducted in the first and sixth week of the semester. In particular, the research used the data collected from week six, just before the student’s first clinical placement.

Study Results (place an X in the corresponding yes or no box)



Were results clearly presented?


Was an interpretation/analysis presented?


Study Conclusions(place an X in the corresponding yes or no box)

Were conclusions based on clearly presented results?

Were study limitations identified and discussed?



Evidence Rating – use the Evidence Rating Scale place an “x” in the box for the Evidence Level

Level of Evidence





Quality Rating – use the quality ratings from the Evidence Strength resource to rate the quality of the evidence – place an “x” in the box





Low/major flaw

From your review of the evidence, what do you conclude about what the authors found?

Going by the authors’ findings, it is evident that concerns raised by nursing students regarding their first clinical placements have a significant influence on their performance, emotional well-being, and ultimate career growth. Most of the concerns raised entail the feeling of inadequate preparation, nervousness, and anxiety, the fear of making mistakes, and working beyond the scope of practice (Levett-Jones, Pitt, Courtney-Pratt, Harbrow, &amp Rossiter, 2015). Besides, it is evident that the curricula designed to equip nursing students with the necessary knowledge for clinical practice fail to meet its objectives. There is an urgent need to review the curricula to a more student-centered approach, which will enhance the student’s capacity and instill emotion control. In the same fashion, health care facilities should work to ensure nursing students receive a warm welcome it creates a healthy working environment.

Adaptedfrom: Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP Model &amp Guidelines (2010)