Reflection #2

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Duringhis recent speech to congress, President Donald Trump presented anoptimistic view of the America that he intends to create. In thespeech, which was made in front of both Democratic and Republicanmembers of congress, America, and the world in general, presented arebooting of the Presidency’s stance on various issues. From thebeginning of his presidency, president Trump has faced oppositionfrom all sides be they gender representatives, human rights groups,and the ‘evil media.’ The speech in congress, however, showedTrump’s new approach to the oppositions that have undermined thestability and future of his government and I was generally impressedby the arguments made by the president.

Fromthe beginning of the speech, the president noted that indeed, thenation has been divided after his victory in the last generalelections, a fact that has caused strife among the Republican anddemocratic supporters in the country. According to President Trump,it was time that the America moved from the “trivial fights” thathave derailed her progress. I agreed with these sentiments from thepresident, as it’s a reality that America seems unable to move onfrom the outcomes of the last general elections. Through a serioustone and a written speech, President Trump reaffirmed his dedicationto the nation’s progress a process that he noted would only beachieved through a cooperation between the two parties in Congress. Ibelieve that the call by the president was a great step towardsreducing tension in the country as most critics and oppositionleaders have defined Trump as an egoistic and authoritarian leader.The calm and reconciliatory mood by the president during the speechcalmed me as an American as I saw a president that was willing to putaside the evident differences of his party and campaign attitude forthe good of the country. As a result, I found a new confidence inPresident Trump as a leader that appears dedicated to make “Americagreat again”.

However,a major part of the speech that extremely disappointed me was thefact that the 70-year-old president found it hard to show sensitivitywhen it came to immigration as an issue. Ever since the campaignperiod, President Trump alienated many liberals and immigrants whenhe kept referring to them as criminals that deserve to be shut out ofAmerica. A major part of his campaign was that a wall should be builtbetween America and Mexico since in his words, America would be saferif terrorists, gangs, and drug smugglers were kept at bay. However,in his speech, President Trump failed to address immigrationeffectively and this left many questions as to his administration’sapproach on the issue. His entire speech was allusive to hisadministration’s approach to the “merit-based” immigrationoverhaul and I felt that he avoided addressing the issue that hasmany Americans nervous. This disregard to the critical concerns ofAmericans made me question the seriousness of President Trump’sgovernment on immigration. Furthermore, I found the statement thathis government cannot allow America to be a sanctuary for terroristswas not only insensitive but also imbalanced as he placed allimmigrants in a single bunch.

Nevertheless,Trump’s speech was a fresh breath in an America that has remainedin tension since his victory in the presidential elections last year.While I did not agree with everything that he said during the speech,I felt that President Trump is heading on the right path towardsreforming the development of the nation. Through the speech, I saw apresident that is not only willing to work with everyone, but alsoone that is determined to make sacrifices that will take Americaforward.