Reflection in Action

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Reflectionin Action

The Jean Watson Theory asserts that a patient deserves respect, andthat means the nurse should establish a trust to cement therelationship between the two. This essay reveals how a nurse cannurture a proper support system that will consist of family membersthat understand and assist the patient in getting person-centeredcare.

The theory considers the family system and culture surrounding thepatient as a fully functional integrated concept. Hence, his bodyparts are not the only thing affected, and the patient even revealedthat she was afraid that she could never see her grandbabies. Thefear shows how their culture often appreciates the extended family.The family members were also an integral part of her treatment, andshe admits that they gave her the support she needed. She eveninvolved them in the decision-making process, and that proves thatthey played a huge role in her recovery (Vandenhouten, Kubsch,Peterson, Murdock &amp Lehrer, 2012). However, my suggestions willinsist on the family members playing a much more active role toensure that everyone participated in the process. For instance, Iwill expect the siblings and her mother to nurture faith and keepmotivating her that she will see her grandbaby so that she can have aright mindset. The physicians should be friendlier and create aninterpersonal relationship while being sensitive to her spiritual andsocio-cultural needs. She had complained of the doctors lacking thebedside manners, and perhaps a change in such behaviors will be quiteproductive in reaching a solution that will facilitate her recovery.

In conclusion, the nurse will urge the family members and thephysician to be sensitive to her needs and help her in believing thateverything will succeed. In fact, the theory shows how looking at thepatient together with the family system and her culture often makethe treatment process quicker.


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