Reflection of Adler’s Individual Psychology

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Reflectionof Adler’s Individual Psychology

Thepiece by Adler presents a simple but unique approach in which lifeevents as a whole as well as psychological concepts can be understoodin dynamic contexts. It has simplified issues that touch on theindividual as well as family setup in the society that gives readersa different perception in which they can understand life events anddevelopments whether touching on economic, political as well associal aspects. For instance, many have asked and tried to find outwhat motivates humans beings to success or the inner force thatpushes human beings to strive and work hard to realize their desireddreams and goals. Adler, present a different view and justifies hisposition that states that inferiority feelings are the source ofhuman striving. The idea, thus, reminds me of many numerous examplesin life where simple people with challenging backgrounds in theirlives and past have overcome such barriers.

Theyhave ensured that they realize their full potential in life despitethe hurdles and challenges that they encounter in life. For example,the former president of the United States Barrack Obama, he comesfrom humble beginnings and managed to rise to the top seat in thegreatest country in the world. Adler brings a different perception inlife-related to inferiority feelings. There are also numerousexamples in the world such as in economic and business world wherepeople with a humble background such as Bill Gates and MarkZuckerberg among others have succeeded in life in transforming theirlives and the world at large. Alder theory, ideas, and concepts,thus, brings an additional way in which people can be motivated andinspired despite their challenges they experience inferiorityfeelings. The works, hence, gives me confidence and believe thatanybody including myself can succeed and should turn the inferiorityand negative thoughts to positive ideas and use it as motivatingfactor to help me realize my desires and dreams.

Anothertouching concept brought by Adler relates to family born. It helps meunderstand our family better and gives in-depth information whysiblings behave the way they do, including me. Most of the collegestudents or young adults are preparing for starting family in thenear future and, thus, Adler’s approach might prove helpful inparticular designing the best family approach and styles that one canuse to raise their loved ones. For example, there is a tendency forparents to pamper their first child, and it has negative impacts.Such concepts and related ideologies, hence, would be helpful to meand enable me to use affair approach that would focus to empower andencourage the children to be independent and responsible.

Earlyrecollection as presented by Adler also reminds me of my childhooddays and things that I did as a child. Those memories are still freshin my mind in particular extraordinary events that I did alongside mychildhood friends. They make one appreciate life and reflects on howfar people have come. Such reflection is characterized by both goodand bad memories. The idea of the dream also enables me to reflect onthe daily happenings in my life. People dream both during the day andat night. There are many people that dreams interpretation has becomea great deal to them and have attached very strong faith andinterpretations of beliefs. However, my experience mainly happens onthe things that are in my mind and I am yet to accomplish them orhave just accomplished them. That experience is familiar to me and,hence, the work by Adler reminds me of real and practical things thathappen in day to day life. Adler’s work is important to me as Ireflect many ideas and concepts that I can apply to improve my lifepositively.