Reflection of Community Class

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Reflectionof Community Class

Reflectionof Community Class

Communityand Population Health

Somuch discussion has revolved around the meaning community health asregards to healthcare delivery. Having successfully completed thisprogram, the definition of community health has become more definedand clearer to me as the health outcomes of a group of individuals,including the distribution of such outcomes within the group which inthis case refers to the community. By exposing me to the differentdynamics of healthcare delivery in Jacksboro Texas, my definition hasbroadened to encompass the different dependent variables for thedifferent determinants of community health which include medicalcare, public health interventions, aspects of the social environmentand the physical environment (Stanhope, &amp Lancaster, 2015). Thanks to the program, I have come to understand that the definitionof community and population health would be incomplete if somemeasures of health outcomes of the population and the communityincluding their distribution is not taken into consideration.

Theartifacts in my portfolio that support my professional definitioninclude my Certificate of Achievement from American Museum &ampNatural History that certifies that I have completed the coursecovering Genetics, Genomics and Genethics for nursing. Thecertification, especially Genomics was instrumental in shaping mydefinition and understanding community care especially for olderpatients. The other artifact is my course work project where Ifocused on the topic “Application of Community Health andPopulation – Focused Nursing”.Working on the course workproject, I not only gained a deeper understanding and appreciation ofhealthcare delivery in Jacksboro community which greatly inspired mydefinition, but I was also to experience the variables like economicstatus, safety status and cultural orientation first hand.


Duringmy Community Health Nursing task, I studied the community ofJacksboro Texas which is in Jacky county. I learnt that apart fromjust being average when compared to the state, the community islocated in a rural setting and has limited access to healthcareservices and other important services and are required to drive forat least one hour to access essential services. Despite the recentsetting up of a new modern hospital which has eased the situation, itwill take some time before quality healthcare services and otheressential services can adequately serve the community.

Fromthe information I learnt regarding the different dependent variablesfor the different determinants of community health played a huge rolein determining my community diagnosis. Based on variables likemedical care, public health interventions and the physicalenvironment, I was able to diagnose that the primary problem facingthe community has been the limited access to health servicesespecially for the poor and elderly who cannot afford healthcare anddo not have the ability to drive themselves for long hours to accessquality healthcare. My initial focus and diagnosis revolved round therural setting of the community and poverty. However, after workingwith the population and especially the old and the poor, my focus anddiagnosis shifted to also the need for knowledge and ability to applyfor healthcare interventions and more important the need for awell-rounded wellness program that can help solve all these problems.

TheAmerican Museum of Natural History (AMNH) certificate is vital for myprofession nursing future as the training imparts knowledge andskills that is necessary to make major decisions in community healthand consequently determines the quality of healthcare especially forthe older patients. Having taken the course, I am confident that nowand in future I will be able to handle any cases related to geneticsand genomics thanks to the skills and knowledge obtained from thecourse.


Stanhope,M., &amp Lancaster, J. (2015).&nbspPublichealth nursing: Population-centered health care in the community.Elsevier Health Sciences.