Reflection Paper The Peopling of North America

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Just like otherAmerican natives, I have heard a lot of tarradiddles involving theinhabitation of the inhabitation of the British North America. Manypeople have tried illuminating the peopling process of North Americabut none has ever convinced me more than Bernard Bailyn. In his book,Bailyn (1988) is keen to key out the history of the transatlanticimmigration of people from other regions to the British North Americawhich is the foundation of the American community. His book is aclear elucidation of the ways in which the North American land wasinhabited prior to civilization and rise to independence. In my view,Bailyn has pieced up the old and new studies to come up with acomprehensive study that deludes from fiction to explain how theBritish North America was peopled.

Bailyn (1988) hasleveraged on suppositions to posit that the current North America waspeopled as a result of the extending migrations within therevolutionized Europe. I tend to agree with this propositionconsidering that Northern America tends to be the highestcosmopolitan continent if migration of people was to be factored in.Moreover, I would buy Bailyn’s analogy, which suggests that thepeopling of British North America was influenced by the need forlabor considering that slave trade was the most blossoming economicactivity before the American civil war. The peopling of British NorthAmerica needs to be acknowledged as a periphery of Europe a factwhich Bailyn has accredited in his book. It is imperative toacknowledge that Biilyn’s book stands out as one of the mostoutstanding piece on how the Northern American land was inhabited.


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