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Leadershipoffers an opportunity of having followers who look upon you in theirday to day activities. Good leaders should influence changes thatwork for the good of their members or the organization. Leadershipinvolves mobilizing the members into achieving successes and helpingthem realize and capitalize on their hidden potential. Leadership isnot about ruling but offering guidance and motivation to thefollowers through various challenges on the way to success. There isa leadership theory that I prefer to be adopted by different peoplein the leadership positions or that aspiring to lead and this is theAdaptive leadership. In this paper, I would provide a reflection onhow learned skills have helped transform into a better leader.

Fromthe learning experience, I realized that the adaptive approach inleading others is essential. I would strive to acquire this strategyby working to offer quality leadership to groups of people. I havealso learned that leadership is useful if the subjects followvoluntarily. Individuals must be allowed to join the group being leadon a voluntary basis. Adaptive leadership is all about practice, andit should not be about the position one is holding. As an adaptiveleader, I would manage others by influence and not through commandingand full control over the followers. Therefore, I would involveeveryone in decision-making processes to avoid revolts and exerciseof full power on the people. A good leader creates a purpose that isshared among all the followers. Leaders should realize the importanceof being adaptive so as to strengthen their leadership capacity intheir various portfolios.

Inconclusion, I would admit that adaptive leadership has been a helpinghand in my day to day activities and various places I have had anopportunity to lead. This approach has been evident whileparticipating in class discussion groups. Strategies such as respectfor everyone, listening to each other’s contribution to the topicof debate, and the promotion of a common goal helps in leadership.Throughout my career life, I will engage the lesson learned onleadership to position myself as an effective leader or team player.